Thursday, May 03, 2007


My neighbor's cat. Get to visit and feed him while she is away this weekend. He was fine with me at first, but now hides when I go to visit. Hope to be able to win him back into my favor. Will bring treats.

Went to the new pet store in Branford last night looking for a "dog training lead." A fifty foot length of cord to put on the dog when she is in the yard and won't come when I call. Can easily step on the lead to get her. She did well at the first recall workshop last Sunday. But today she is still weird. Wanting to be on my lap the whole time I'm trying to work. I think she was traumatized by my office meltdown last week. Either she's trying to comfort me, or wants me to comfort her to make sure it won't happen again.

Anyway, there were so many adorable puppies at the pet store, to die for! I held a tiny black pom; way too cute. The dog lead was $35 so thought I'd check Agway, who only had thirty foot ones, so guess I'll have to bite the bullet.

Wrote a poem about caffeine for my sister in law, but don't know how to retrieve it from her blog comment site.

The trip to see the munchkins had many joyful moments even though there was some sadness. The kids loved the Bindster. I was able to go swimming in the local community center several days in a row. T's birthday and I's concert were lovely, and we kept busy going shopping, and attending a crafts fare, and going out to lunch, and playing with the pup, and going to the dog and skate park, and opening presents, and playing with the pop gun, and I can't remember what else. Saw a very nice Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the local Museum of Art and Science.

My lettuce, beets, parsley, and radishes are coming up, and my tulips are blooming their heads off. Have to get help spading the garden now, since my knees are in such bad shape, but . . . oh, well.

Rache and I went to the St. Ronan Street dog park yesterday, where Bindi played with a beautiful greyhound named Oberon. What long legs, what a long nose! Nice conversation with Obie's person. The weather has been glorious.

Went to gospel choir rehearsal the other night and was glad I did. Some of the songs are really gorgeous, but don't think I'll mention the performance to anyone, since I'm still just partly invested. But Angela is so fine, so funny, so talented, such a good teacher.


dale said...

Here is your poem:

Caffeine, caffeine, that wonderful drug
Without it mom thinks she just a big slug
She goes off and on it like fleas on a dog
Then writes up the flip-flops each day on her blog

We want her to have everything that she wants
Perhaps I'll send vigor in six different fonts
To protect her dear head from the aches that arise
We all could suggest a more healthy surprise

Like water and drinks that are nothing but pure
The hope is she can then resist that bad lure
But now while dear K still struggles with caff
At least we all get to share a big laugh!

kim said...

Hey, Dale beat me to it! LOL! I just emailed you the poem. He's the greatest!

I hope things are a little better at work, and that neither you nor Bindi has to live with anxiety about the situation or anything.

Love you lots!