Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My word for the day. Started out ok, then got to the office and the place is deserted!! Classes are over, I've got a bunch of stuff to do, but being here alone is a giant drag. Took Bindi to the dog park and no good dogs; one that stayed for about five minutes, and one that was walking around with diarrhea so thought I should get Bindi out of there. Can't find Tommasso and I have something special to give him, and he leaves tomorrow. Uck. These timed released Effexor I think aren't as good as the old brand name ones. Gonna call the doc. Made a doc appt. for my knees. Uck. Nobody reads my blog. I don't have enough friends to play with. Don't know if I'll have to move. Have a new physical sympton, a clunking noise in my neck. No tenants in my Florida house for months now. Property agent says it's because it's in a working class neighborhood and it's hard to find people who can afford the security deposit. What? Uck. Getting worried about money. Ok, think of something good to tell the one person that usually reads my blog and comments, K.
Got two students to come over on Sunday and help me dig up the rest of my mandala garden. Now to plant more. Rachel and Frances called me from New York on Sunday and sang, "Happy Doggie Mother's Day To You, Arf Arf!" to the tune of Happy Birthday which was very sweet.


dale said...

I read your blog. Every post.
I just don't comment.
Not much on saying things.
It's rainy here.

I hope your day gets better.

kim said...

I read your blog, too! I usually comment, but if I commented on EVERY post you'd get spoiled. ha ha, just kidding. I also read Dale's comments on your blog because I think he's funny.

sometimes my neck clunks if I rotate my head around. I figured it was normal. Doesn't everyone clunk?

I have a book recommendation - the "try it from the library" kind - for your knees. Look for "Pain Free" by Peter Egoscue (I didn't already mention this, did I?) ... read it, try it for a few weeks, and see if it helps. Don't worry, it's not a kooky potion book. It can't hurt, it sounds like it might really help.

Are you taking pictures of your mandala garden? I'd like to see!

Does making the kids use the phone count?

I never know what number to call -- I don't like to use my cell phone, so i (wrongly) assume no one else does, either. Is that your primary "call me any time" number? Or Would you prefer to be called at home after work, rather than during the day?

what other relative has a blog?

Erin said...

Oh man, do I ever understand UCK days. I have them a lot. I'm trying to do better about commenting. I figure once I'm really good at conversing via comments then I can move up to the phone :-)

jip said...

HELLO! now you have four comments from people who read your blog! we all love you, otherwise we wouldnt read your uck posts and comment to try and cheer you up.

i went for a run on the bayou here in houston a few weeks ago. fish were jumping out of the water. then, the same thing happened when we went to swim in the gulf on monday. bright shimmering fish flying out of murky brown water.