Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jerry and Fox

Driving into New Haven yesterday about 4:30 I saw the fox again on Rt. 146, walking on the side off the road. I hate to see her in the road; I am afraid she will be hit. When I first saw her, I thought it was a big cat, then was able to slow down and take a closer look. She takes my breath away. What a glorious wonderful animal. I trust her cunning will protect her.

Had a quick dinner with Tommasso at Yorkside -- grilled provolone and tomato and rye, with ice cream for dessert. He's leaving on Wednesday to go back to Italy, but I'll see him in two months. Hee hee hee. I'm going to Tuscany! Can't quite believe it. Ran into Moira at Koffee on Friday and was talking about the trip. She said, "Oh, you'll go to Venice and Florence," and I stopped her and said, "No, I plan to just stay around Pisa." She was horrified! She said, "You're just going to stay in Pisa for ten days? You have to go to Venice!" Then when I told her I was going to rent a car, she said, "You're going to drive in Italy?! Oh my god." I said, "Moira, are you a good driver?" She said, "I'm terrible." I said, "Well, I'm a very good driver, so I'm not worried about it. I drove in TRINIDAD!" To which her partner replied, "I drove in URAGUAY!" We laughed, as the point is if you can drive in those places, you can drive ANYWHERE. Then I said to Moira, "Say something nice about Italy to me." And she did.

The Jerry Seinfeld show was funny. Even tho my ticket was $80, I still couldn't see his face, which was frustrating. It was a HUGE theatre. The opening act was some guy whose name I can't remember. Tell me this: Why is it that Black comics always need to bring up the topic of kids and spanking, saying it's a good thing, or making a joke of it? I find it extremely annoying. This guy did the same thing. On the flip side, Jerry made some funny jokes about bribing his three kids to get them to do what he wanted, and it was far more amusing and intelligent, than making lame jokes about hitting. And spanking IS hitting, I don't care how you package it. Have come from a childhood where I was hit and spanked often, I know whereof I speak.

Anywho, Jerry was funny. I really enjoy how he makes jokes of the mundane, and the everyday, and is often so clever and perceptive as well as laughable. He voice wasn't so good, so that was slightly off putting, but I guess I'm glad I went. It's almost not worth it tho if you can't be in the first ten rows. They should have at least had video projections of his face up on the huge stage monitors. Oh well. Now I can say I saw him live.

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Erin said...

I can certainly understand Moira's reaction to your news about your Italy trip. I would have had the same reaction. However, hopefully Tommasso will show you around, give you tips, and you will find wonderful places to visit. And the food is to die for! No matter where you eat it will be wonderful. I expect a full report to prove Moira and I wrong :-)