Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anchor Plumbing

Sarah Strong, lady plumber. A tall drink of water, that one. Fixed the spigots; water water water for the garden. That's the boy scout badge for plumbing. Looks kind of sinister, doesn't it? Clean house tomorrow. Planning a birthday party for the Robs. Locked the keys in my car yesterday. Was late to see Dr. Artemis. Think I'm gonna try 3 months of every other day acupuncture treatments to see if some of my cartilage can start to regenerate. She claims she has saved people from surgery with this protocol. She said acupuncture is the only treatment that can regenerate nerves and cartilage. The orthopod will just want to shoot up my joints with plastic, then go slice out my old joints and put in new ones. Uck. Told Dr. Artemis to send me some published studies on this claim. My insurance will pay 70% of it, and if I can avoid surgery, I surely would like too.

Trying to get thru to Geico with my cell phone locked in the car was a nighmare. It took me forever to get to a human voice. Turned out the number in the yellow pages I was looking at was old. Which meant the yellow pages were old. I was in the parks department building, and they were swamped, so no great help.


dale said...

Can geckos even use a phone?

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed with the acupuncture, I sure hope it works, sounds much much much less icky (not to mention less traumatic) than the actual surgery!


kim said...


did you ever get your keys out?