Thursday, May 10, 2007

Glossy Ibis

We had our staff lunch and all the healthy food and fresh strawberries and chocolate covered cherries (need some decadence) were gobbled up. WN is off to South Asia for the summer, GC to Sweden and India, me to Italy, Lea to India, M to Block Island, MH back to Romania, LW to Hungary, MT back to Vermont to make cheese. One of the perks of this job is having friends all over the world. But, would that they were all ten minutes away, and we could commune at will. Think I am almost close to nailing a non-stop flight from JFK to Pisa for about $1300. Which is very very good for this time of year, and how great is a non-stop?! Paid off to ask the faculty what travel agents they use.
Where's area code 305?

Sam sent me a photo of the glossy ibis who she says are right in my neighborhood this time of year. I had seen flocks of what I thought were some kind of vulture or wild turkey or something, and now I know what they are. Will drag out the binocs which are lurking in the trunk of my car and get a closer look when the tide is going out or coming in. They feed in the wet marshy areas before they dry out between ebb and flow.

Hey, I got the non-stop Delta flight nailed! Now I can feel excited! And non-stop is such a relief. I'll use my bucky pillow in a window seat and sleep and sleep. Ordered vegetarian meals. Lots of frequent flier miles. Woo-hoo! 305 is Miami, Ciao!!

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kim said...

Oh, I was just going to tell you that 305 is Miami but I see you've got that figured out.

How long will you be in Italy? Are you traveling alone, or with friends? I hope you have a fabulous time!!!

When are you going, so I can avoid planning our theoretical out-east trip at the same time you're gone?