Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

while the whole wide world is fast asleep . . . It's 3am here, and I'm remembering this song from an album my father once gave me, Frank Sinatra, vinyl of course, and this song was on it. He also once gave me a dictionary which I still have. Those are the only two gifts I can remember him giving me, although I'm sure he must have given me more, like bicycles and stuff, but these were the most memorable. Wait, he must have given me the microscope, and the chemistry set. Can't imagine my mother choosing those things.

Haven't blogged in such a long time. Facebook seems to have taken over. I do enjoy it so. Funny, whenever I mention my dog, she gets more comments than anything I write about myself, esp. if I have a picture of her there with the message. And why shouldn't she get more attention? She's adorable.

Went to my first "jewelry party" last week at a friend's house. For Silpada Silver jewelry. Ever heard of it? Some nice pieces, but I don't seem to wear jewelry anymore, so bought a couple of pieces for gifts. I think the markup was really high and it was somewhat pricey, but I was helping out a friend and I had fun, so that was worth it.

Watched the new scyfy channel offering called "Caprica" tonight. Very interesting, and seems to have some promise. Robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, intrigue, religion, high tech computer stuff, good acting, good sets. Fridays at 9. I think what I watched tonight was the pilot.

Wanna see some photos from my visit to my family in Michigan in freezing cold December? Ok, here ya go.

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