Monday, December 07, 2009

Ok, I'm Up

What more do you want from me?

Slept twelve hours, and that after a three hour nap. Yesterday, I went to an art exhibit on the theme of preserving the Orchard Street Shul in New Haven.

My friend Robert Rattner had on display several magnificent photographs of the inside of the shul. Two other acquaintances of mine also had work shown.

Before that I met a friend from NYC for coffee at Koffee. So nice to see him. I was going to go to a crafts fair at the Jewish Community Center after all this socializing but realized I was pooped, so came home, and had to call in sick to a very short performance the gospel group was gonna do along with some other groups out in Madison. Just couldn't do the 40 minute drive.

Saturday morning I went to a couple of crafts fairs, but was disappointed, so I went to see the one day old baby of a client of mine. He was totally cute, and mom was a bit overwhelmed as this is her first child and she is 40. It felt very grounding to hold such a young sweet life, and made me remember my father who was so good at soothing infants. The baby's dad was so funny: the baby's bassinett was next to where he was sleeping on the sofa. He woke up, saw the bassinett empty, and slightly panicked said, "Where's the kid?!" Mom said, "Right here." Dad rolled over and went back to sleep.

Saturday night I went to a friend's trim-the-tree party, which she holds every year. She makes soup, we bring other stuff, have dinner, then decorate her tree. It was a small group, since people in the Northeast get freaked out over 1/4 inch of snow and a bunch of folks didn't show, but I went out there and had a great time. I realize I can't drink wine anymore, or not enough to make it worthwhile, if you know what I mean. Makes me too tired, and gives me leg and foot cramps. Here's a photo of an ornament I made to contribute to her collection; the fabric is from the material used to make her wedding gown for her marriage in October. I went to a fitting with her and asked the dressmaker for a bit of leftover, not knowing what I would do with it. But early in the week when I was thinking about the party, I began to make, by hand, this item. It's stuffed with cotton and lavender, and embellished with some vintage beads that were given to me a long time ago.

At one of the crafts fairs I attended recently, my best find was walking the dog outside the building, and finding this vintage postcard just lying on the ground.
A happy birthday greet to me, I guess. It felt kind of magical and special to find it.

Friday afternoon I went to visit my friend G, whom I hadn't seen in ages. We had proper tea at 4 at her place, and her niece was visiting. I quite liked her a lot. She was on her way home to Bangalor, India, where she is from, taking a break from her PhD program for a while.

On Thursday morning, I took T. swimming at my fitness club, and he liked the place very much. We then went out to lunch at Bread and Chocolate, a nearby cafe with a comfortable atmosphere. I went home to prepare M's birthday dinner: Moroccan style chicken with cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, spinach salad with apples and roasted pine nuts, cucumber in yogurt with garlic, and homemade brownies with vanilla ice cream. I schlepped it all over to her house with the Bindster and we had a great time.

Wednesday I saw the naturopath and my therapist, and then had a client in the afternoon. Tuesday was the colonoscopy, and Monday was the prep for the colonoscopy. And did I tell you recent blood work shows I have Lyme disease again? But I thought I didn't have any symptoms.


Now today I have to take Camilla back to the vet cause her diarrhea still isn't gone, even with all the drugs. And it's cold out. And it's icy. And I don't like it.

I look forward to coming back home and going back to bed . . .

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Propofol Hangover

Angela Clemmons, our fearless and compassionate director.

Looking over the program.

Angela's daughter.

The choir getting ready.

Here are photos of the Gospel Choir before our performance last Sunday. I'm not in any of them since I took the pictures!

Had the colonoscopy today. After they hooked me up with the iv, and started the antibiotics per the infectious disease doc's orders, and started the propofol, I was out in 30 seconds. Amazing. No wonder Michael Jackson used it to sleep. Results showed internal hemmoroids (which I knew about), diverticulitis (which I didn't know about), and they removed a small polyp. Not too serious I guess. Aren't you just sick of hearing about all my ailments? I AM! The prep wasn't as bad as everyone said, but I am tired. The medical center was only about a mile away which was wonderfully convenient, and I got a ride there from my neighbor and a ride home from my accountant! She used the same docs I did.

After the clear liquid diet all day yesterday, I had flying dreams last night!! I was flying and it was wonderful! No airplane! I could go up and down and everything, although I don't fly very far off the ground, just in case.

Finally cooking dog food for the pooch. I'm afraid except for a few processed kibbles, she's off her feed unless I make it for her. Oh well.