Monday, April 30, 2007

ho hum

Something's up with Bindi. She doesn't want to be in her Yale office bed, and has wanted to be held quite a bit. She doesn't seem ill. Perhaps she's just picking up the tension around here.

Going to gospel singing rehearsal tonight, altho I'm not into it this time. It just feels like too much. Maybe I'll just go to the rehearsals and not do the concert. Not gonna put any pressure on myself. Took Bindi to a recall (Bindi, COME!) lesson yesterday at ABC Obedience. Learned a few things. Two more sessions. Think I talked Robi into getting a pod coffee machine, since she was lusting after my bad Dunkin' Donuts cappacino. Then a visit to the Robs and their pet mice, one of which just gave birth, but the babies are too new to be seen. It was great to see them as usual.

Tommaso and I went to the chihuahua meetup on Saturday at the Hamden Dog Park, where I got yelled at by a big dog owner for having dog treats in my pocket! I said, Tommaso, we have to leave, and I started to cry again. Daily tears these days. But we went to the St. Ronan Street dog park and had a great time, then I showed him Edgerton park and the community gardens, which he loved, and then we went to a noodle house for lunch. So the day was recovered.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A painting by my friend Tommaso Gazzarri. I like it very much. I think I might try something similar but with blues, aquas, cobalts, turquoise.

Yesterday afternoon on the way to the Shoreline Soul gospel group rehearsal, I saw a wild fox on Moose Hill Road. As I drove by, she turned and looked at me, then walked into the woods. The sighting filled me with wonder.

As horrible as the shootings in Virginia are, I object to the media characterizing the event as the "worst massacre in US history," or some such. Perhaps OF THAT KIND. But not the worst shooting in the nation's history.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Bindi and I were on the Guilford green this morning and met THE CUTEST pomeranian puppy named Boots, 11 weeks old. This web photo is the closest representation of what he looked like, but does not even begin to do justice to his CUTENESS. He was mostly black, with tan boots on his feet, the softest fluffiest fur, and so sweet and affectionate. If I ever get a sister or brother for Bindi, I think it will be a "pom."
I got up early and went to an estate sale. I only spent five bucks on a garden hoe, some closet organizing shelves, and a gift for a friend, but the experience was oddly moving. My guess is that the person or persons living there had passed away, because absolutely everything in the household was being sold. Not clothing, but everything else. This person/s had a full woodworking studio, tons of computer equipment, a huge set of chemistry glassware, books on gardening, cooking, wildlife, novels, wonderful framed contemporary art. Someone more creative than I could write a beautiful poem about all these people meandering and scrutinizing and picking over a lifetime of someone's posessions.

Had to go to CVS to get some baby aspirin for Bindle. She's been under the weather since her Lyme disease vaccine yesterday; lethargic, no appetite, probably sore. The vet told me to expect this. The vet also showed me how to EAG. 'Nuf said. Went to Foodworks and got soy sauce, brown rice, balsamic vinegar, face wash, organic chicken broth, and a button that says "Proud to be an American Against the War."
Stopped at Page Hardware and got a birthday present for Tobi-wan. Then went to Fleischman's and was able to find pants and a top that fit me. They do not carry plus sizes, but sometimes I am able to fit into XL's that they carry. I've gained back all the weight I lost when I was sick. Dr. Artemis told me to keep visualizing the things I want to change, be positive, get very clear about what I want. Some affirmations:
I see myself feeling light and full of vitality.
My knees are healing with every step I take.
The sweetness in fruits and berries satisfy me.
My body is a temple I want to honor.
I am patient with the changes I am making.
Moving my body is a joyful thing.
Loving my body is easy.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Adam Hyde 2005, videotape
This is one of Adam's installations, made from videotape. I think it's extraordinary. Clean, three dimensional, contemporary, evocative. He is going back to England on Sunday; what a pleasure to meet him. I have commissioned him to do a small portrait of Bindi. I'm so glad he agreed.
Poor little Bindle. Took her to the vet today for some vaccination updates, and one has wiped her out, may be causing her some pain. I don't have any baby aspirin in the house but will get her some tomorrow. We went to the dog park today, and she ran around for a long time with Sophie, a Welsh terrier about her size. I had a nice chat with Sophie's person, Christine.
VERY busy at the Yale office today. Non-stop. So much is going on at this time of year, one event piled on top of another. I stopped at Van Wilgen's this morning and got some yellow sticky traps for David and I to control our fungus gnats on our houseplants. Ick.
Saw my naturopath this week, Dr. Artemis. I hadn't seen her in months 'cause Yale changed my health provider (Anthem to Aetna), and naturopaths weren't covered until I single handedly got that policy changed. Aetna made an "exception" for Yale, so that naturopaths could be covered. Anyway, it was great to see her; she is upbeat and positive, and full of loving energy. It's rare to find someone who has found their perfect calling; she has.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's Now April 12

This is Adam and Bindi outside the Madison bookstore last Friday. Adam's girlfriend Mihaela took this fine photo. She had this tiny little digital camera. Hope the one I ordered takes pictures as good as this one. I like how Mihaela got not only Adam and Bindi's faces, but also the sidewalk, and the bookstore in the background. Bindi is wrapped in a baby blanket that Rachel had in the back of her car. How cute is that?

Don't ask me what I've done since the last post. One of the great things about blogging, like any kind of journaling, is that it remembers the mundane details, as the dramatic ones are easier to keep in mind. But life is a string of mundane events, not in a bad way, but that's just the way living is. One thing after the other, some great, some good, some neutral, some bad, some horrifying.

This thing with Don Imus is sickening. But at least it's more interesting than waiting to find out who the father of Anna Nicole's baby is. Uck. And now I have to boycott Starbuck's coffee because of their latest anti-union activities. If any business needs a union for it's employees, it's one as big as Starbuck's. And Wal-mart.

Great thing happened today!! Got two letters from my niece I. and one from Em. That made me SO happy! Will see them next week. Can't wait. Also got emails from two friends I haven't heard from in a long time, one in Orlando, FL, and one in London, well, actually she's in Sweden now for a while. She has a new book coming out in July. I miss her.

The play last Sunday with Cherry Jones was very very good. It was an hour and a half long with no intermission, which is perfect for me. I splurged today as one of my clients told me that Jerry Seinfeld is performing in Wallingford in May, and that's only about 45 minutes from me, so I got a ticket online. Didn't bother to try to find someone to go with me, as nobody likes Seinfeld as much as I do, and none of my friends can afford that ticket price. $85. I know, I know, it's a lot, but I never do this, and seeing him in New York would cost twice that much.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Photo is of the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, rennovated.

M & M were here last night, and M and I were able to sit in front of the fire while she ate dinner and have a chat. Very rare, very nice.

Made myself go do some errands today, after an 11:00 am client. She is again getting into a relationship with someone who is not nice to her, and we talked about being attentive to the "red flags" when we are first getting to know someone, and loving ourselves enough to end the madness before we get badly hurt. Easier said than done, esp. when we come from families where love is so conflated with abuse. "Gee, that hurts. You must LOVE me!"

Put Bindi in the front seat, and drove to find Grove Gardens in Clinton, just to check it out. It's a garden center, which has been renamed "Pinks", and I found composted manure with organic humus on sale for $2 a bag. Good price. One of the staff there was taken with Bindi and said her mom had a dog named Bindi. Drove back and stopped at a couple of shops I'd never been in, which was fun. Came home and called James, the teenager who lives nearby who does yard work for Annette and Pat, and made an appointment for him to come over on Monday, which I now realize is not good cause I want to go hear Azizah al Hibri speak on Islamic feminism at Yale on that afternoon.

Oh, MM, the woman who owns the house on the lake whom I talked with about possibly moving there if I need to, called me today and offered me a ticket to go see Cherry Jones in "Doubt," at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven tomorrow. She was gonna take her mom, but mom turned her down. From the Shubert website: "Set against the backdrop of a Catholic school in 1964, DOUBT is the story of a strong-minded woman faced with a difficult decision. Should she voice concerns about one of her male colleagues...even if she's not entirely certain of the truth? The play examines the line between gossip and truth, discipline and compassion, certainty and doubt."

Interesting book title in the New York Times book review section: CONSUMED: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole, by Benjamin R. Barber. I already agree with it.

And finally, in a moment of shop therapy 'cause I've been feeling sad, I bought a Fuji S700 7MP Digital Camera with 10x Zoom and Fujinon Lens, complete with all the peripherals and a $100 coupon for Shutterfly for $249, free shipping. I guess I really need to read the aforementioned book.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Yellow Clivia

This is what my yellow clivia looks like, all beautiful and bloomed out. They still sell for about $75 each, but they have certainly come down in price in the past five years.
I've been pointing it out to everyone who comes to the house since they might never see another.
Fun day today. Rachel came out to pick up Frances, and brought Mihaela and Adam with her. Adam wanted to see the ocean so we went to Hammonassett State Park with the dog. It was cold and windy, but the waves were dramatic and Bindi was in heaven. On the way back we stopped at R.J. Julia booksellers,, a great independent book shop with a cafe and cool gifts in Madison, the next town over. Came back to the house, stoked the fire, and served lunch of chicken pot pie, three cheese quiche, fresh asparagus, salad, brown rice, apple cider, and hot cross buns. Yum yum. Didn't make any of it, but went out early this morning to Bishop's, while Frances was watching cartoons, and got everything I needed. Everyone seemed pleased with the meal. After, Francie wanted to work on her school project which was to create something out of recycled materials. She wanted to make a tv out of a big cardboard box, but after conferring with her mom, it was decided to make a cat condo for Misty and Camilla, so they have a place to hide when Bindi harasses them. What they created was just delightful, covered with pix of dogs and cats and other catalog cutouts, complete with a transparent "sky light" made from a pie container.
After everyone left, Bindi and I went to Page's where I knew I could get some organic seeds for the garden. Got Ferry Morse organic green beans, swiss chard, and something else I can't remember right now. Then went to Foodworks and saw that they have another set of organic seeds, by Botanical Interests, I think. Yeah, that's it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm so tired. Have Frances tonight and in order to entertain her after I picked her up from school, we went to a 5pm showing of "Meet the Robinsons." She liked it; me, not so much. Then we went to the diner for food, then home where she watched a Hillary Duff movie until it was time for lights out. So I had to do little direct entertaining. Ok, more tomorrow.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Bindi and I went off to the ABC Obedience School this morning for the monthly nail clipping extravaganza. I always enjoy seeing the other dogs, and today didn't disappoint. The SWEETEST little dachshund puppy named Peanut who was so gentle and pretty, with the softest fur. Peanut is short for Peanut Butter Cup, cause the top of her is chocolate colored and her underside the color of peanut butter. She also had a hyper sister named Destiny, a pug, with those horrible bulging eyes and smashed face that makes her have a snoring sound all the time. There was another dachshund named Tawny who had suffered a back injury and was paralyzed for a while. After going to the traditional vets for several weeks without results, her human took her to a chiropractor and after the first treatment Tawny was able to stand up! I love that story.

Bindi and I then went to Van Wilgen's garden center, bought some pansies, a new variety of morning glory, several tiny iron seahorses on deep discount, and a pack of romaine letter starts. They have beautiful things. Then to Stop & Shop for provisions, including the purchase of a citrus and sage all purpose natural cleaner made by Imus, where all profits go to foundations for kids with cancer. How could I pass that up?

Once back home, I hooked Bindi onto the tie out line, and got to work on a one sixth portion of my mandala garden. First I dug up the earth down to six inches, then mixed in some peet moss, pelletized lime, greensand, and organic seaweed compost. Then I planted the romanine starts, beet, coriander, and poppy seeds from last year, and black spanish radish seeds, the fruits off which my nutritionist says very verry good for us.

That little bit of gardening was exhausting and my arthritic joints were screaming. I came into the house and took a long nap. It's 11:30 now and I'm going back to sleep.