Saturday, June 30, 2007


Cut a large bunch of lavender blossoms from the Edgerton garden herb plot, and they are drying on the fireplace mantel. Reminded me of the impressive lavender farms on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. Last night was so cool, weeding the garden was a pleasure. PA was in the garden and offered me her tons of lettuce as she is off to Equador for a month. (I was just flipped off by a silver haired old lady with a 'Honk If You Love Jesus' on the bumper of her car. That's the tune they were just playing on Car Talk which I am streaming as I write.) BG was at the garden with her min pin Chiquita, and while initially Bindi growled at her, she settled down and now we have a play date planned for next week. I had just come from a short visit with Loren who was in New Haven helping a friend move. We were eating pizza at Amato's and quickly sharing updates. I like her so much. She graduated in Women's Studies a couple of years ago, and is one of the students whom I have stayed in touch with, one of the perks of the job. She is doing Teach for America in NYC, and has an article coming out in Radical Teacher, a very old periodical from the 1960's, which I think is very cool.

Before that Bindi and I were at a playdate with Jen and her black lab Gaia, as they will be hosting Bindi while I am in Italy (two weeks to go!). The last two days while I am away they will be kenneled, an experience Bindi has never had, but as long as she can be with Gaia I think she will be ok. Jen has a commitment in Cape Cod those days, has used this kennel, so I trust her judgement.

Got a haircut earlier in the day, and although I like the woman who cuts my hair, she is expensive and I think I have to change to someone less pricey. Boo hoo. Also visited the orthotic guy who says I need to get different shoes for my custom inserts, that the ones I'm using don't offer enough support. Uck. More money. But I liked him better than the other guy who originally made the inserts. Bad bedside manner. Had breakfast at Hidden Kitchen, who have the best blueberry pancakes. Hadn't been there in ages. Began the day by seeing a counseling client.

Today I'm going to a potluck party in Guilford hosted by a woman whom I first met when I put my housing ad on Craig's list. She has a basement two rooms available for rent, RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF A LAKE. But I can't do the stairs to the kitchen/bathroom, and the basement rooms, while very nice, have only one small window. The price is perfect for me, but I can't do it. Ho hum.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Otto and Ferdinand

I think I want an iPhone.

Went to the community garden yesterday afternoon to work on my plot, which has been out of control from lack of tending. I weeded and weeded and planted for four hours and was spent afterwards. But I had some wonderful connections and conversations with several gardeners who were also about. LS was telling me about all her health problems, and she said she had two knee replacements two years ago. I asked who her surgeon was and she said McCallum, the doc who does the knee surgeries with the guy I'm currently seeing for my knees. LS said she hated him, that he appeared unconcerned, didn't visit her in the hospital, and did the operation with a physician's associate, rather than another surgeon, and that one of her knees is still in pain. That cemented my feeling that I need to find someone else and get a second opinion. She also said the artificial knees put into her were too big for her body, as the joints "made for women," whatever that means (all women are the same size? all men are the same size? NOT!) were not available when she had the operation. Met up with TD, whose wife had passed away in January, which I had not known. He's a very kind man, and we talked about our shared belief that living, among other things, is about service and creating beauty. He was surprised that I have been single for so long, because, he said, I'm such a nice person. I said I have high expectations. We both laughed. PA was there with her two dogs, Otto and Ferdinand, and Bindi got to romp with them for a while. Very fun to watch them. Have to take Bindi back to the vet on Thursday as her eye is still not looking good. Vet left me a voice message in response to my message to her saying that the cloudiness in Bind's eye might have an ulcerated cornea. I can't afford that! Does anyone have any experience with pet insurance? Do purebreds have fewer medical problems than mutts? I hope it's just a persistent eye irritation that needs more aggressive treatment, not anything worse. Sweet little girl.

My office building is overrun by movie production crews and equipment. Thursday is the big day. Someone said Harrison Ford was in the building today. I feel like I'm supposed to be all excited and impressed, and yes some of it is interesting, but I can't get all worked up. Have bigger fish to fry.

The Prospect house is still in top running place, although I will be looking at an apartment near Westville this week. Rachel said, "But you don't want to live in New Haven, do you?" It's a first floor, and I would have people over my head, which would be horrible because I'm so noise sensitive, but she said it doesn't hurt to see what's out there. Living in New Haven would save me lots on gas, and I could take the city bus to work sometimes, and save parking charges, but the city bus is gross, and many of the people who ride it depress me.

Got a very sweet card from Scott yesterday. Thanks, Scott.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Perfect Guilford Day

Yesterday morning Frances and I went to Dudley Farm for the farmer's market, to see the sheep, goats, chickens, and oxen. Got handmade soap, candle, and jam for Tommaso's parents. Frances and I then went to the pool and swam for a while, after a quick stop at Subway for lunch. Then we stopped by All Pet's Club to visit the critters. I held a hairless rat, saw a perfectly round hamster, black and white, named Oreo, held a stinky ferret, then we played with Keeshound and Pug puppies. The Keeshound was a little shy, but that Pug was totally full of personality. Back home to meet Frances, made dinner, then off to the pool again for an astounding show of fireworks. Really quite impressive because we were so close to where they were being launched. Some of them felt like they were coming right at us. Frances fell asleep before they were over.

Friday afternoon I picked her up from school and she wanted to go to Fired Up! to paint some pottery. She chose two small rice bowls and made one for herself and one for her mom. I just watched and helped another little girl with her project, as I am now watching every penny. There was a man there with a ten week old Vizsla puppy that was gorgeous. Then we went to Shell Beach Road beach and Frances climbed on the rocks and looked for shells, and Bindi went into the water by herself for the first time. She was hopping like a bunny thru the shore grass, and came home smelling of low tide, rotten seaweed, and crab carcasses.

Went and visited Annette across the street this morning. We hadn't visited in quite a while. Then Rob came over and helped me install air conditioners. Then Bindi and I went for a playdate with Maddie, but Bindi was not into playing with her. I wonder if she has forgotten that Maddie was her buddy because it's been so long since we have visited. That was disappointing. Had dinner with Maddie's mom and her son, then came home.

Got an email this weekend from an old friend I hadn't heard from in maybe a decade. That was very nice.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Instant Getification

From some tv ad. Liked it. Feeling somewhat better today as I took my therapist out to Prospect to see the house I might rent. She gave me a lead on someone who lives out there who I have emailed to get a read on the area. Did I already say there is a small pond on the property that runs into a bubbling stream? Does that make up for not living near Long Island Sound? I will keep looking in the Guilford area, but if nothing comes thru perhaps I could view moving to the Prospect house as a rehearsal for Florida. Although I already know St. Augustine very well, and Prospect not at all.

Wireless is finally coming to my Yale office building. Can you believe that it wasn't already? Yale is so very weird. Next week on the first floor of my building the makers of the next Indiana Jones movie will be filming. Remember Dr. Jones was a college professor? Well, they are turning one of the classrooms into a movie set, and lots of New Haveners will be extras. Not me. Got enough on my plate, altho I do like the movies and Harrison Ford. I think he's a bit old tho to be doing an action flick. Maybe it will be more introspective and intellectual than the others. NOT!

Took Bindi to the vet today cause the conjunctivitis in her eye was back, and it looked bad even tho I had been using the ointment from last time. Vet said everything was ok, just keep using the ointment. I asked him to EAG, which he did, and didn't even charge me. Beautiful champagne colored standard poodle was there when we were. So gorgeous. One of the receptionists was interested in my housing notice that I asked her to pass around to the staff. She said she is in a bad marriage and she and her son need to leave. She asked me how I felt about kids, and that there was no way she could afford even $900. Don't know if I wanna share stuff anymore, tho. Am enticed by having a whole house to spread out in, just my junk. Could share if it was the right situation. I wonder if there is a Goddess of Housing and Shelter. Gonna go Google it.

Put the Dangler vintage stove on Craig's List to sell. Ok, to bed, and to read IKA's story.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rome Pride

Photo of Tommaso in Rome at a Pride march. Someone caught him with a somber expression.

Hung out with T. where she is house sitting at her brother's house in Bethany. It was lovely. They have a pool, the day was warm, T. and I chatted about everything, ate guacomole with carrots and tomatoes, and fresh strawberries from Bishop's. And a big golden retriever for Bindi to play with. Then I drove out to the house in Prospect to check it out again. Such a nice house and land, but -- Prospect? I will keep it as a backup rental if nothing comes thru on the shore.

The Jackal Woman, Patricia Moehlman, stopped by to drop off some papers for her reappointment as a research affiliate with the WGSS program. She is so awesome. Just had back surgery last week and is going back to Tanzania in another week to continue her field work. Would that I had a fraction of her energy.

Went to see a cottage for rent on Long Hill Road this morning. Great location, tiny tiny place, stark, and king of ugly. Price was right, but no go.

Jim and I went to see "Waitress" last night. Uck. Not that good. Liked the relationship between the three waitresses and the names of the pies the main character made, but otherwise, uck. Then we went to Starbucks and I had decaf cappacino, which of all things wasn't hot enough. I took it back and the server gave me attitude, but made me a fresh cup "extra hot" as she called it. Jim is moving to Sacramento, CA, in September. Boo hoo.

Work party at Edgerton yesterday. As I am in charge of the herb garden, our group focused on that. Then J. took me out to the house he owns in Prospect.

Friday night Rob and I went to the diner, then to Ashley's for ice cream. Well, I didn't have ice cream as I had that for dinner at the diner, as I had already eaten.

I still feel awful.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hanging In

I'm trying to get it together. It is hard. Going to see my old therapist tomorrow to see what has been stirred up to produce such deep feelings of devastation that I have. I know this will pass, but it's never soon enough. My friends have been great and encouraging, but I still feel absolutely overwhelmed and, i guess, homeless. I am thankful for my animals who bring me such comfort. For you astrology fans, I also realize I am going through my second Saturn return cycle, which can be very intense. Google Second Saturn Return if you are not familiar. Had lunch with Laura today and through my tears we were able to get some work done. Rachel will come tomorrow morning to help me clean. I forced myself to plant some mesclun and green beans in the mandala garden, but thinking of leaving it makes me want to cry all over again.

My barn having burned, I can now see the moon.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm so sad. M and I had a talk today and it looks like it would be easier for her if I don't live here. I am so sad, have been crying all day. She just sent an email saying she'd like to keep the conversation open, and of course I will; I just don't want her to feel she has to cave to my sadness, which she is sometimes known to do. How can I be sure she won't do that? I didn't anticipate feeling this badly.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Don't Send Any Packages!

Helped Mihaela pack this afternoon for her trip back to Romania tomorrow. Refuse to say goodbye; just see ya later. She is a spirit sister, and I am sorry to see her leave. Took her to Edgerton gardens so she could see the plots, and she thought the whole place reminded her of a Romanian cemetary. Not sure why. She was impressed by my knowledge of plants, but I told her everything I know I learned by doing, no other way. Found my Nature Conservancy garden tote there which had been missing for several days. Someone had taken it into the greenhouse. And my Foxgloves gloves were still there! Bindi got to run around with a couple of dogs in the park, one a Havanese named Portia.

Don't feel so well. Very light appetite. Wondering if I have any of the tick diseases again. Loss of appetite was one of the symptoms. Not that I'm complaining. Neck is feeling better since going to the osteopath, but still the clunking isn't gone. Had a cavity filled at the dentist yesterday. Not too pleasant cause the novocaine shot hurt as much as the drilling but he said the cavity was in a weird place and difficult to numb completely. Was over in two minutes, so that was good.

Mihaela said to not send any packages to her in Romania cause the postal system is so wacky. They won't deliver packages but rather make you go to some central postal distribution site and you have to stand in line forever to get your package. Drag. Now I can't send her stuff.

Saw a movie last weekend called "Away From Her," with Julie Christie, about a woman with Alzheimer's. I found it boring and depressing, even tho Julie Christie still looks great, I'm sure she's had work done.

Peas, morning glories, chard, gladiola are all coming up. Nice rain the past few days. Still need to plant beans and cucumbers. Tomatoes are doing nicely. Ghastly humidity today, though. How will I stand Florida? Think I might have a tenant for my house there. Not a moment too soon, money wise.

Had lunch yesterday at Scoozi, outside under the arbor, very nice. Me, Mihaela, and Rachel.

Today is Tommaso's birthday. Happy Birthday, T!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fisher & Paykel

Got a new Fisher & Paykel clothes washer today. The other one died and the difficulty of getting to the old one would be money better spent on getting a new one. Super energy efficient.

White GWL15 Ecosmart 3.7 cu.ft.(IEC)White

North Americas Most Energy Efficient Top Load Washer uses only 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. Complete the laundry in up to half the time of a frontloader, 1000rpm spin saves up to 30% time and energy in the dryer. This Super Capacity washer with unique brushless DC motor and smart electronics increases reliability with no belts, brakes, pulleys, clutches or gearboxes - parts that aren't there can't fail.

Unlike conventional machines, our clothes washers use intelligence to continually adapt the wash action and water level to suit the load. How? Sensors in the electronics monitor clothes movement and adjust the agitator for either a gentle or lively action. It's rather like hand washing, where your hands communicate the feel of the fabric to the brain, which in turn tells the hands how hard or soft to rub the clothes.

And we got this good deal on it since it was last year's floor model.

I think I have Syndrome X.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Antonio Banderas

as a suave puss in boots in Shrek 3. The movie itself was kind of boring, but there were some contemporary references and music that were kind of funny. Animation was spectacular.

Had Frances sleepover last night. Got up at 6.30 to take her to school, then all the way back out here to see the osteopath after a nap prior. Still don't quite get this osteopathy modality, but I'm doing a three session trial. The doctor is very confident.