Saturday, June 09, 2007

Don't Send Any Packages!

Helped Mihaela pack this afternoon for her trip back to Romania tomorrow. Refuse to say goodbye; just see ya later. She is a spirit sister, and I am sorry to see her leave. Took her to Edgerton gardens so she could see the plots, and she thought the whole place reminded her of a Romanian cemetary. Not sure why. She was impressed by my knowledge of plants, but I told her everything I know I learned by doing, no other way. Found my Nature Conservancy garden tote there which had been missing for several days. Someone had taken it into the greenhouse. And my Foxgloves gloves were still there! Bindi got to run around with a couple of dogs in the park, one a Havanese named Portia.

Don't feel so well. Very light appetite. Wondering if I have any of the tick diseases again. Loss of appetite was one of the symptoms. Not that I'm complaining. Neck is feeling better since going to the osteopath, but still the clunking isn't gone. Had a cavity filled at the dentist yesterday. Not too pleasant cause the novocaine shot hurt as much as the drilling but he said the cavity was in a weird place and difficult to numb completely. Was over in two minutes, so that was good.

Mihaela said to not send any packages to her in Romania cause the postal system is so wacky. They won't deliver packages but rather make you go to some central postal distribution site and you have to stand in line forever to get your package. Drag. Now I can't send her stuff.

Saw a movie last weekend called "Away From Her," with Julie Christie, about a woman with Alzheimer's. I found it boring and depressing, even tho Julie Christie still looks great, I'm sure she's had work done.

Peas, morning glories, chard, gladiola are all coming up. Nice rain the past few days. Still need to plant beans and cucumbers. Tomatoes are doing nicely. Ghastly humidity today, though. How will I stand Florida? Think I might have a tenant for my house there. Not a moment too soon, money wise.

Had lunch yesterday at Scoozi, outside under the arbor, very nice. Me, Mihaela, and Rachel.

Today is Tommaso's birthday. Happy Birthday, T!

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Anonymous said...

I've only just read this, I'm using my mom's computer, and I don't have my favorites here and can't hook my laptop on to her internet connection, so I kept trying to find your blog as, which obviously didn't work.

Btw, I DID have to stand in line for ages, in an insufferable atmosphere, to pick up the package you've so kindly helped me send! It would have been horrible if it wasn't really funny at the same time! One forgets the variety of faces and customs in one's country, and they're a constant source of amusement and sometimes irritation to me now...

And I'm still in complete AWE at your packing skills, and so was everyone at home!

And no good-byes!