Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Instant Getification

From some tv ad. Liked it. Feeling somewhat better today as I took my therapist out to Prospect to see the house I might rent. She gave me a lead on someone who lives out there who I have emailed to get a read on the area. Did I already say there is a small pond on the property that runs into a bubbling stream? Does that make up for not living near Long Island Sound? I will keep looking in the Guilford area, but if nothing comes thru perhaps I could view moving to the Prospect house as a rehearsal for Florida. Although I already know St. Augustine very well, and Prospect not at all.

Wireless is finally coming to my Yale office building. Can you believe that it wasn't already? Yale is so very weird. Next week on the first floor of my building the makers of the next Indiana Jones movie will be filming. Remember Dr. Jones was a college professor? Well, they are turning one of the classrooms into a movie set, and lots of New Haveners will be extras. Not me. Got enough on my plate, altho I do like the movies and Harrison Ford. I think he's a bit old tho to be doing an action flick. Maybe it will be more introspective and intellectual than the others. NOT!

Took Bindi to the vet today cause the conjunctivitis in her eye was back, and it looked bad even tho I had been using the ointment from last time. Vet said everything was ok, just keep using the ointment. I asked him to EAG, which he did, and didn't even charge me. Beautiful champagne colored standard poodle was there when we were. So gorgeous. One of the receptionists was interested in my housing notice that I asked her to pass around to the staff. She said she is in a bad marriage and she and her son need to leave. She asked me how I felt about kids, and that there was no way she could afford even $900. Don't know if I wanna share stuff anymore, tho. Am enticed by having a whole house to spread out in, just my junk. Could share if it was the right situation. I wonder if there is a Goddess of Housing and Shelter. Gonna go Google it.

Put the Dangler vintage stove on Craig's List to sell. Ok, to bed, and to read IKA's story.

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dale said...

Wireless Indiana Jones. Cool.