Sunday, November 20, 2011


on Rhapsody.
Went to Gwen's memorial. Had coughing fits. Came home. Can't talk or laugh without going into a fit. Going to doc this week. This always happens when I get a bit of a cold. It settles into my bronchials.

Brought Julie and Phoenix back to the orphanage tonight. Didn't hit me till a while ago; I tried not to grow attached to them, but I did. There's no space psychically now between me and animals. It's as if it's a mother or a sister, or a lover, a heart connection that can form early. Keeping them alive.

Sunish calls to check on me. These South Asian men. Sensitive. Strong. Good combination.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Occupy Saint Augustine

was a good beginning. Over 200 people attended, peaceful, mostly white, but not all, range of ages.

Went with B, who had her photo taken by me with Miss Shirley (on the left).

Daylight savings time? Again?

Fostering two six month old kittens. Took them to Wags & Whiskers, who sets up shop at Petco with all their adoptees, for vaccinations, a look-see. They told me I needed to name them. Blank. I started looking for some small children. Saw two little girls and went over to them saying I needed some help naming two cats. They came over with mom, and immediately one girl named the black male cat Phoenix, and the little girl named the other tortie Julie. Perfection. That was a magical few moments that are the essence of finding joy and happiness, gratitude and groundedness in life.

Made vegan vegetable soup for S.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Can't stop playin' that Gnarls Barkley song. Crazy. Cee-lo's voice.

More taking cats to vet. Short visit for Calhoun gettings another vaccine.

Picked up spray paint.

Robert cleaned out my car. So nice.

Saw shrink briefly today. Things stable. He's funny.

Occupy Saint Augustine tomorrow.