Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Slushy day. Lea wants to work less, but Emma will pick up her hours. Taking Girl Scout Cookie orders. Etch a Sketch. Chocolate Easter eggs. Can't find a rug I like for the office. Ice cream binge. Saw the nutritionist. Acid vs alkaline ph, the need for balance. Saw a client; he had made incredibly brave strides standing up for himself. Yea! Lebanon bologna? Visit from Tommaso. TL with big news. David finding the Kinsey first editions in the WGSS library that he thinks I should keep in my office. Finally did the 20 page application for the research affiliate I had been putting off for weeks. Talked with Rachel more about the Italy trip; side trip to Granada. T. wants me to bring Bindi, but I think it's too much for her. Marina di Pisa.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Case of the Mondays

Bought this little guy on sale at S&S for a little friend for Chinese New Year. You push the button and it sings "My Girl," while moving side to side and flapping its mouth up and down. I thought it was hysterical. When I gave it as a gift, the little friend threw it on the floor and jumped back. She hated it. "I don't like the eyes," she said. So I'll take it into the office and entertain my warped adult friends. I felt a bit rejected that my gift was received with such distain, but I got over it. I still think it's a hoot. Or, rather, an oink.

I had a busy weekend and was exhaustede this morning, so did not go into the office. I woke at seven to see a beautiful snowfall, the first really of the season. Got up finally at noon to walk the dog and some of the snow had already melted but it was still lovely. I could tell Bindi wanted off the leash to go scampering thru it, but I could not let her. Watched a couple of movies, slept some more, checked my email, talked on the phone, and that was about it.

Yesterday morning I saw Dana for a massage, and I think that was part of my tiredness today. Sometimes getting massage releases toxins from the body and that can cause some fatigue. I hadn't had a massage in a few months it seems, so made another appt. for this Friday, for an hour and a half this time. Picked up Mihaela and Tommaso in New Haven and after some confusion, we came out to Guilford to celebrate T. passing his oral exams. He had been wanting to see my house, and I always like to share this lovely home with others. Rachel and Frances came out later, and we ate yummy deli food, built a big fire, and played jacks. Rachel and I were pretty good, and M and T and F got better the more they practiced. I remember playing jacks as a kid with a golf ball on the cement sidewalks. I had a hard time finding those old fashioned heavy jacks, but did, online, at the Vermont Country Store, and they are very nice. The little balls kind of suck, but M had given me some for Bindi that will be just perfect. A good time was had by all.

On Saturday, I went to the Stony Creek Library, did some shopping, and came back to the house where I went thru the box of papers mentioned previously. So all weekend I didn't really get the many hours of solitude/alone time that I seem to need. On Wednesday, I went to R.J. Julia and heard Natalie read from her book "Inheritance." It was a small group, but engaged, and it was so fine to see N. and Paolo, and to finally meet Natalie's parents, who will be renting a house in Stony Creek this summer for the month of July.

I have not gotten permission from Paolo and Tommaso, both native Italians, to go to Italy and avoid the big cities. What a relief.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

In Memoriam

Went through a large box of old papers today. Put me in a foul mood. Found some old letters from "friends" I no longer speak to. Some old art work of mine. Articles written by others. Poems and cartoons from the New Yorker. Took forever, but I was glad to get it done. Now, only 100 more such boxes to go through, or so it seems. But if I have to move out of here in August or shortly thereafter, I don't want to schlep all the stuff I moved 2 1/2 years ago. It helped to have a fire burning the whole time in the fireplace, and that other people were around. Visited R and R, yesterday. Rob had pulled a muscle in his back and was in great pain; Dillwyn was better, but not completely. Poor girl, she's getting old and frail. Felt so bad for the both of them. Watched "Intolerable Cruelty" on dvd last night. George Clooney was so funny. I think he's becoming the baby boomers' Cary Grant. Billy Bob Thornton was in it, too, in a hysterical part. Had annoying WGSS council meeting yesterday, then had a meltdown after D. came in and told me how he felt about things. Dill's memorial page is up: http://www.guilfordvet.com/Dill.htm
Think I heard this quote yesterday on NPR: Happiness is the anticipation of pleasure. Or something like that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Pig, 4704-05

Happy New Year, everyone. Today, Annette and I went to Fired Up!, the paint your own pottery shoppe, and she glazed a small plate, and I a big mug. I was having a bad backache so I was glad A. finished quickly, and so did I. She had never done this activity, and was eager to try it. I wanted to paint a picture frame, but they didn't have any.

Yesterday was Marian's birthday, 17, and we had a nice dinner for her, just the three of us. I stayed up late trying to figure out the iTunes website, and today finally figured out how to download songs. My first download was "Vincent," by Don McLean, and my second was "A Case of You," by Joni Mitchell. Still the undercurrent of meloncholia persists. I went to pick up the WGSS banner that was being made by a graphics/editing shoppe in Guilford, and when I complained to the woman that I had a backache, she told this long story of going to a chiropractor for months for a bad back, with no relief. She finally was diagnosed with high cholesterol and told to lose weight. She cut out starches and desserts, and began some stretching exercises, and lost 36 lbs. Her backache went away. Yet again another reminder that my being out of shape is killing me.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chocolate Dog

Just as I was beginning to feel unloved cause I didn't get a Valentine from anyone on Wednesday, I came into the office yesterday and found two!! Chocolate truffles in a tiny gold box from M, M, & S, and a sweet card and book from Mihaela of Marjane Satrapi cartoons, called "Embroideries." I said, Mihaela, how did you know I do embroidery? She said, oh, this book isn't about that. She said, it's about Iranian women's sex lives! Oh my! And Carolyn has said she is sending me a BIG Valentine, and to let her know when it arrives. It hasn't yet. What could it be? Then Rob called to say he and Robert had gotten me a card, but due to the ice they didn't go out on Wednesday. So, guess what? I am loved, after all.

I bought a chocolate bar from Pam, who was selling them for her kid's fundraiser. I bought one, put it in my coat pocket, went back to my office. Went out of the office for a few minutes, and when I came back found chocolate bar wrapper on the floor. Apparently, Bindi had gotten the bar out of my pocket and ate the whole thing. Ok, chocolate is bad for dogs, so after a call to the vet who said to look out for vomiting and diarrhea and effects of stimulants and news that it was good she hadn't eaten baker's chocolate, I waited. Nothing. So we went home, and Bindi got off her leash, and despite shivering from the cold and raising her paws alternately off the cold icy snow, she would not come in the house. I finally called my neighbor Annette who came over, and after I came into the house and hid, Bindi came in for Annette. Once again, I have not done enough training to get Bindi to come when I call. My bad. You'd think the dog would have enough sense to come in when it was so freezing, but noooooooooooo. All I can think is that she was torn by the desire to be outside off the leash and her desire to come in and be warm. Been there.

Bad backache today, probably from tensing up from the cold, and walking gingerly over ice and snowdrifts, and hauling firewood. Had a roaring fire for my two clients last night. Hot flames in the fireplace are at least as therapeutic as anything I have to say.

Watched "Grey's Anatomy" last night. Cliffhanger, but of course Meredith will pull through, with her revelations of having seen Denny and the bomb guy in her near death experience.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Storm vs Sunny Beach

Hmmm, which do I want, which do I want, hmmmm . . . . Ucky storm here today, mostly rain on the coast here, but there was a parking ban in New Haven so I didn't go into the office. Now everything is covered with a very hard layer of ice.

Spent some time over the last weekend with Rob and Robert. I worked on my crewel embroidery while they continued cleaning out their attic. It was fun. I said, I'm coming over but you don't have to entertain me. I just sat in a chair and we all chatted while we worked. Then I went over to Annette's and clipped her new cat Bravo's nails. He was very good, and he is the most affectionate feline. She made a good choice. Sunday we went to Agway and bought pet stuff. I've ordered a soft sided dog crate off Ebay to travel with; it's larger than the airplane carrier I put Bindi in when we fly; it's for when we are visiting someone or staying in a hotel.

Finished "Bed Rest," Sarah Bilston's first novel. She gave me a copy when I visited her and her new babies a couple of weeks ago. It was a good read, and her descriptions of having to not do hardly anything for six weeks but lie (lay?) on her left side due to low amniotic fluid was compelling. My friend Natalie Danford will be at R.J. Julia booksellers next week doing a reading from HER first novel, "Inheritance." I've ordered a copy off the net; hope it gets here in time for me to read it before I go to see her. She and Paolo are one of my favorite couples.

Rob M. called from The Hague. He's sick, but making a living teaching piano. He's off to Tanzania in a couple of weeks, a free trip from one of his past piano students! Wowwie zowwie!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Rachel sent me this link. Like homeless humans or abused and neglected children, here's another species that needs help. When growing up in East Peoria, Illinois, we lived next to the Cripes, who had a dog named Nipper, a dirty white cocker spaniel I believe, who was chained to her outside dog house all the time. I think we had some inkling that there was something wrong with that, but then on the other side of our house lived the Browns with a black dog named Nigger, and we kids were clueless to that insult for years. Which was worse?

Little Bindi lives a life of luxury, although I wish I could just let her roam around the house and not worry about her damaging anything. She is very comfortable in her crate, but I'd like to not have to put her in there so often. She's getting over some eye irritation that made the whites of her right eye very very red, so off to the vet for some ointment, and to have her anal glands emptied. She was doing that scoot across the floor motion, and my friend David suggested that she might need that emptying procedure done. Doesn't hurt, and like everything else, she was very good at allowing it to be done. Ok, is that TMI? Here's something fun: my friend Mihaela is totally into beading right now and made Bindi a very pretty red necklace. I know, I know, but Mihaela wanted to do it!

Have put the breaks on my winter blues by booking a flight to Fort Myers, FL, for five days over spring break. Going to see my friend Scott who lives in Naples and is recovering from a motocycle accident. Found a cheap fare for midweek, but that will be quickly added to with a hotel bill, rental car, and air fare for the dog, if I decide to take her. At least the flight is non-stop from Hartford. Can't stay with Scott as he lives with his family right now, but am looking forward to those marvelous white Naples beaches. Wonder if the water will be warm enough to swim in mid-March.

Had lunch with Dick from the garden, who is now working at Yale. He often wonders what he's doing in New Haven, and would like to move back to California. Know the feeling. Birthday lunch for David on Friday. Indian food. Yum.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Winter Blues

Googling images of "winter blues" produced many great results.
Go check this one out in its larger form.
Stunning. Fractals. Fractions. Fragments. Fragile Fragged. Not even a word, but descriptive all the same.

Lack of light. Lack of motivation. Fear of loss, losing, those lost. Maybe the generic Effexor isn't as good. Can't be PMS. Although Rachel has that. Maybe I caught it from her. Yesterday, when we and Frances went to get the dog's nails cut, then to see the o-so-fine "Pursuit of Happyness," with Will Smith and his son Jaden. Then to the grocery store. On Saturday I had to travel back into New Haven to get Bindi's eye medicine (it's getting better) which I left in the office, then for a not-so-good haircut cause my usual person wasn't on that day, then to the farm market to get soup and bread and salad and flowers for Daniel and Sarah who just had twins a couple of months ago, then to see them in their killer gorgeous antique house, then to Hartford to have dinner with Bette, whom I see way too seldom.

Trying to put some photos in albums after all these years, liking to do it with other around more than alone, time travelling with each picture, sending dupes to friends. Peter was here from London for a week; stayed in the New Haven Hotel with it's indoor pool and huge stainless steel warm therapy tub (used to be part of the medical center before it became a hotel). He's one of the sanest people I know.

Went on a search for tea cozies for Mihaela; finally had to order off Ebay, which had some nice ones. None of these New England shops carry the things. Love giving gifts that people mention off handedly that they want, then finding them, then the presentation.

More has happened. It all seems to blur into the same meloncholic whole, tho.