Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Slushy day. Lea wants to work less, but Emma will pick up her hours. Taking Girl Scout Cookie orders. Etch a Sketch. Chocolate Easter eggs. Can't find a rug I like for the office. Ice cream binge. Saw the nutritionist. Acid vs alkaline ph, the need for balance. Saw a client; he had made incredibly brave strides standing up for himself. Yea! Lebanon bologna? Visit from Tommaso. TL with big news. David finding the Kinsey first editions in the WGSS library that he thinks I should keep in my office. Finally did the 20 page application for the research affiliate I had been putting off for weeks. Talked with Rachel more about the Italy trip; side trip to Granada. T. wants me to bring Bindi, but I think it's too much for her. Marina di Pisa.

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kim said...

sounds like a very busy day?
I was reading something about pH, and how the PRAL ... what did that stand for? Potential Renal Acid Load? ... made a difference ~ not so much whether the food itself was acidic/basic, but how much acid load it produced for the kidneys ... some guy solved all his 'itis' problems by sticking to low PRAL foods ... something like that.