Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Today Bindi and I went to find Flatiron Road, and the house to which I might consider moving. The house is small, but directly on a medium size lake, I mean the lake is in the backyard. A less fancy part of Guilford, on the North Branford line, off Rt. 80. Still much talking to be done with the person who owns it. Saw the resident golden retriever sunning on the back steps. The neighborhood reminded me of the cluster of small cottages at Indian Neck in Branford. Then we went to Agway to get Bindi a new halter, since the clasp on her other one broke. My bad. The North Shore Animal Shelter van was there, adopting out pets. All the workers were women. Big surprise. Somebody had bumper stickers on their car which read, "My Pit Bull is Smarter than your President." And "Let the Oil Companies Send Their Own Troops." 'nough said. We got more treats, another tie out line for the campus, and some Nature's Miracle. Can't be without that magic liquid. Then we went to S & S for provisions and the Girl Scouts were there so we loaded up on cookies, mostly for others. Altho I just ate a whole box of Samoas. Yum. We stopped over at Annette's on the way home to visit Bravo but he was not in a social mood, so A and I just chatted for a while. We went with M & M last night to see the film "The Queen," which we all liked very much. It felt authentic and since I was very fond of Princess Diana, the story was of great interest to me. Helen Mirren was, of course, dynamite. James Cromwell was Prince Phillip.
Got an hour and a half massage with Dana on Friday afternoon. I fell asleep more quickly last night than I have in months. She's been going to Native American sweat lodge ceremonies. I remember doing one a hundred zillion years ago in my 20s. It was quite something. Wednesday Paisley Currah gave a good talk at Yale, and then I went out for Thai food with him and a few others. Paisley seems like a very kind person. He talked about recently moving in with his partner and her two daughters. I turned him on to Zoo Tycoon, and we talked about how someone needs to create more gender-neutral kids games. We all hate the Barbie site.
Does anyone know what the best glucosamine/chondroitin supplement is? One of my vets who used to be a pharmacist said that the people who make Cosequin, the supplement for animals and the one recommended for Bindi and Rob's dogs, makes a human version called Cosemin. The vet said that there is better testing on the stuff for the dogs, and he thinks the human version would be far superior to anything out there already. So Rob got me some at Costco today, but it's way expensive. I'll try it first while I get more info.


Tommaso Gazzarri said...

did bindi like the house?

kim said...

I'd love to hear more about the little house, it sounded nice from what you said.
Bumper stickers like that first one make me sad -- regardless of political views, I think it's sad that people can't be respectful of humans. I think it's really lost in our culture, people only choose to show respect to those they agree with, in general, and feel free to take personal shots at anyone else.
Did you get to see the lunar eclipse? It was clouded over here, we couldn't see the moon at all.

jip said...

good luck with looking for a new house. i want photos! if/when you get closer to a decision.