Monday, March 26, 2007

Venturina Calidario

Had a hard time getting up this morning, as usual. Took a trazedone last night to help me sleep and it did, but those things always leave me to some degree hungover/groggy. The CPAP people said they can't help me with the fact that I used the machine for a week and couldn't fall asleep with it on. They say I have to talk to my doctor. Fortunately things were not very busy at the office today.
Am trying the new Aetna prescriptions thru the mail program. The co-pay if you go directly thru them is about half what it is at the supermarket pharmacy. With all the prescription drugs I'm on, that'll save me a significant chunk.

Tommaso came by with his fake Armani belt buckle, and pink sweater. Very pretty. He was so glad to see Bindi. And he told me about going to the Venturina Calidario near his family's country house in Tuscany. the calidario is an ancient Roman bath, with pools of hot mineral water available for anyone to use. They serve you tea, and give you massage, and let you sleep if you want. It is a place I will visit when I go in July, hopefully hopefully. He said it was the best part of going home for the school vacation. He was exhausted by seeing so many friends.

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kim said...

is it like when you see Bath, England in all those Jane Austen movies, and all the people hanging out in the bath houses?