Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

Saw the movie Bridge to Terabithia today with Rachel and Frances. Although it was charming and clever and amusing in parts, it made me very sad. The way kids treat one another (i.e., Margaret Atwood, Cat's Eye), and the despair of a sensitive, talented child unseen by his parents. We all cried. Ugh. Came home and went to sleep.
Laurie Anderson quoting Don Delillo saying something like, "The only great artists left are the terrorists because they still have the ability to surprise us." Suze Orman siting courage and cleanliness as two of the eight qualities of wealthy women. Hmm. Reading that one gimmick to deal with procrastination is do approach a task for ten minutes at a time, so as not to get overwhelmed. Think I can use that one. In fact, went thru a couple piles of papers this evening, filed some, threw some out. Been liking Snickers Marathon Energy Bars. Still too much sugar, but they have ten grams of protein, which helps to ameliorate the effects of the sugar. And they are way yum.
Wish it would warm up again, like it did yesterday. Poor Bindi needs to run around the dog park. I fear she does not get enough exercise from me cause I can't walk her as much as I should.

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kim said...

i just looked at our weather and was disheartened to see it's supposed to be COLDER most of this week. Below freezing for the highs. I'm not surprised, just tired of it.

I've had some success with the work 10 minutes idea - it's similar to what flylady teaches. I remember a friend once saying "you can do anything for just 10 minutes" LOL ...