Tuesday, March 27, 2007

House Mouse

Hey, it's the AndFam! I, G, E, T, D, and A. GAITED. Adjective. Everyone was happy for the sunny day, warm and springy. Hurray hurray! For this fine balmy day! (Photo taken by their mom, K. She takes fabulous photos!)

Rachel and I went and got lunch at Gourmet Heaven. They have absolutely the best salad, fruit, and hot bar in town. So fresh and nutritious. Pricey but worth it. Had a nice chat with Professor Bate who went on and on about how dogs are part of our mind, in fact expand it, while cats are merely aesthetic. He's very entertaining.

Left the two aesthetic felines locked in the bedroom when I left today in order to catch the small brown field mouse who seems to have taken up residence there. I was hoping to come home and find a dead or maimed little thing, but the mousey was still giving them a run for their kibble. Way to stay alive, mouse!

Geeta told us about her wonderful trip to Machu Picchu. She looked revived and excited, and said she came back feeling happy. I was so pleased for her.

I removed the weeds and leaves and debris from the tulips in the garden and look forward to seeing them bloom in a couple of weeks.

1 comment:

kim said...

what's a hot bar?
how's a salad, fruit, and hot bar different from a buffet?
cute pic ;-)
I'm not so sure I'd be happy to have the mouse survive the cat games ... I don't like mice much at all, they creep me out.