Friday, March 09, 2007

Of Mice and Men. And Dogs.

Monday I'm off to Florida. Will try to pack before the last minute, which means will try to have the suitcase in the car by 10 pm on Sunday night. Went to visit another house sharing situation today but the bedrooms were up a steep flight of stairs, and I think the woman who owns the house is more "casual" than I would like, if you know what I mean. It was a nice big house, tho, with a heated in ground swimming pool, and she had a black lab puppy. Oh well.

Saw the shrink yesterday and got trazodone to help me get to sleep while using the CPAP machine. Will take on that project when I get back from Florida. Can't stand having yet another prescription drug to take. Oh well.

Had birthday dinner for Dilwyn on Wednesday night, with Rob and Robert and Kevin and Ludger. It was very nice. I got Dilwyn a new fluffy blanket for her bed. She's deaf, and has a sensitive stomach, so thought something tactile would be best. I think Rob liked it. They call her Grandma. We got to talking about the movie "Office Space" and none of them had ever seen it, so when I was at Stop & Shop yesterday I bought them a copy and dropped it off. It's such a hysterically funny movie.

Heard a story on NPR about the Fugees soccer team near Atlanta, GA. Fugees is short for Refugees and the kids on the team are immigrants from war-ravaged countries who have come to the U.S. It's a boys' teams, but they have a woman coach, and apparently it's the best thing in these kids' lives.

Breakthrough with Bindi today. She ran into my bedroom to eat the leftover cat food or cat poop, whichever she could get to first, but I yelled, "Bindi, Stay!" and she stopped and let me pick her up before she ingested anything. Hurray for training!

Tim Miller performed for Tirza's class on Wednesday. He was awesome. Talented, inspiring, political, funny, intelligent, sweet. It's rare to see a performance artist of his calibre in such a small venue with so few people. Apparently not too many people know who he is 'cause there wasn't much of a turnout even tho we publicized the class as being open to the public. Oh well. I'm glad I saw him.
Bought some mouse poison today at Page's for my Yale office. Because I keep dog kibble and treats there, mousies are a problem, as they are all over Yale, with many of their buildings being 300 years old or more. I tried some little plastic traps with peanut butter as bait, but that didn't work, so will use the bad stuff while I'm away for ten days. Didn't want to use it 'cause of Bindi coming to work with me, but will throw out whatever the mice haven't eaten when I come back.
Had a bad dream about my mother last night. She was caught in some kind of scandal and ended up in jail. At first I felt badly for her, but then because what she had done was so awful, I knew she had to be there. Can't remember what she did in the dream.


kim said...

good job for Bindi and her training!!
We were at the vet yesterday and saw many dogs - not just puppies, either, who did NOT listen to their people.
Clean carefully when you come back from your trip, some of the mice poisons are sweet to them, and they'll actually stockpile them in other places, like under couch cushions.

Erin said...

We finally got our broken microfilm printer replaced today and we were debating what to do with the broken one. I suggested that we take it out back and beat it baseball bats a la Office Space. One of my coworkers really liked the idea but said it would be hard to sneak the bats and sledgehammers past security.