Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vernal Equinox

Starts at 8:07 pm. First day of spring is tomorrow. Today is also the Persian New Year. The day was warm and sunny, and I was finally able to shovel the ice off the front porch. Took care of some paperwork at the office. Pam's daughter Donai was with her, and Donai wanted to take Bindi for a walk so we did that. I do so like watching kids learn how to handle a dog, hold the leash, say the commands. My new office rug arrived and looks pretty good. Sam came in and said, "why is it so bright in here?" I said cause I have this new light colored furniture, and have replaced the dark rug with this new one. With the sun shining thru the windows, my office was indeed cheery.
I've signed up Bindi for some recall classes with the dog trainer. Recall is to get the dog to respond when you say, "Bindi, COME!" She's so bad at that. It's only three weeks, but I'll get a better handle on how to train her in that aspect. I've also enrolled her in a one time "tricks" class this Sunday night. That should be fun
The cats:
oddly, both Misty and Camilla are more reluctant than ever to let me cut their nails. They used to be just fine with it. I don't know what changed. They are such enigmatic animals.
New Haven was on the national news tonight, with the following story concerning undocumented workers:
New Haven's next step is a municipal ID card — the first of its kind in the nation — to help undocumented residents get city services or open bank accounts. New Haven is fast becoming a so called "sanctuary city." The city's goal is to be a safe, civil place where people are able to fulfill their ambitions, DeStefano says.
I had a bad dream last night about an old friend who was jerking me around. She used to do that when we were actively friends and hanging out together. Yuk.

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Erin said...

The first time I took Trinka to get her nails clipped she whined and cried, but overall she was fine. The second time? It took three people, including Jason, to hold her still and she tried to nip at Jason. The third time? I took her to the vet and they had to muzzle her and it took three people to hold her. I wish that animals could understand that the more they struggle the worse it is.

I hope the recall class is good. Recall was always Trinka's favorite part of doggie school. Strange how some dogs get it and some don't.