Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Rug

This is the new rug I ordered for my Yale office. Trying to lighten things up, which already has been greatly enhanced by my light colored desk/hutch setup, which I love. Twenty five years of crap and now with a little over two years to go, I get nice stuff. Ain't it the way it goes.
Had coffee with Rob this morning. He can't get a break. Yesterday one of the neighbor dogs bit Arnold's ear in play and the cut wouldn't stop bleeding, so another trip to the vet's. Dillwyn is doing better, but still frail. The so-called Elizabethan collars have been redesigned with flashy fabrics and foam inserts, and Arnold looks very silly wearing one.
Watched The Notebook on dvd last night. Another heartwrencher, with James Garner and Gena Rowlands, both of whom I love. Rowlands played an older woman with senile dementia who was present to her husband only for short periods at a time. Otherwise she did not know who he was. Much of the film was about their courtship as young adults. Did ten minutes of sorting through papers, and that was ten minutes too long, but ten minutes more than I usually do. Yea me!
Had my eyebrows waxed for the first time in my life today. Really neatens them up and they look nice. Got all my hair chopped off again, too. Didn't quite want it as short as it is, but it grows fast, so who cares. Will be good for Florida. Have been rethinking taking Bindi as the Naples beaches don't allow dogs, but I don't imagine I'll be spending all that much time on the beach myself. Must remember to look up the water temps down there before I go. And I guess I can just leave her in the hotel room when I go out to the beach for a couple of hours. That shouldn't be a problem. I'll be bringing a collapsible kennel. There's at least one pontoon boat tour that allows dogs, so that will be cool.
Trying to convince Rob and Robert to go with Rachel and Frances and me to The Dorothy Awards on Saturday night. They need a night of just hanging out, with a buffet, a band, silent auction, and socializing. Rob is having a very quick and small dinner tomorrow for Dillwyn's 14th birthday. Happy Birthday, DillGirl.


dale said...

Waxed? Eyebrows? Ouch?

kim said...

I'm going to go without tidy eyebrows, I think. I'm afraid of overdoing it and looking permanently surprised. Plus, I don't want the ouch factor.

My hair grows slowly. I wish it grew fast.

The new rug looks nice. We did most of our getting our old house cute just before we moved. Promised not to do that in our new house, but ... oh well. Maybe I should pretend we're moving so we get some things done. :-)

Erin said...

Yay for eyebrow waxing! The barely even registers on my scale anymore and I love the way they look afterwards.

The new rug is beautiful! I can totally picture it with light colored furniture. It'll look great!

Poor Arnold! I think all dogs look totally ridiculous with those E-collars on. Thankfully none of our dogs have had to wear one. Did Bindi have to wear one when she had her knee surgery?