Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Solstice

A sad one, two friends passed on. Oxmyx, my brother's cat for about 14 years, and Dilwyn, my friend's Dalmation. Also about 14 years. I think on the same day.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bit Bit

Today while running errands I went to Posh Pet Glamour Boutique up the road, where I had gone once before. I had met Bit Bit, a very small male Chihuahua who runs the store with his person, and I wanted to bring him Bindi's sweater from when she was a puppy. I had been looking for the perfect size canine to give it to, and Bit Bit was the one. It fit him perfectly. The picture is from their website, and I don't know if it is Bit Bit, but it could be.

Got my beautiful knit beverage coasters from the HandCraft Store, run by my niece and her friend.

Had a nice nice birthday at M's, with Rachel and Frances, and Rob, and Tommaso, and M & S. Yummy dinner, cappucino cheesecake for dessert, and a trip to 116 Crown afterwards with Tommaso. Got some sweet gifts, including a manatee photo that Rob had taken, and a pair of candles M brought from Paris, with gold leaf on them. And my nice R. called me from Paris, where she is in school, and my friend Y. called me from Australia. I felt loved. And email birthday wishes from others.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the Fifth Day

of my leave, my true self gave to me,
five pounds of bird seed,
four furniture risers,
three eating dinner,
two fox salt shakers,
and a trip to a new doggie park.

And D. called. So kind of him. Went swimming at the Y pool yesterday with Rachel and Frances, then watched Firehouse Dog with Frances while Rachel took a bath and a nap. It was pretty funny, if predictable.

Found some snow boots today on sale, big clunkers from North Face, but just what I needed. The weather has been lousy, snow, sleet, rain. The lights are on my holiday hibiscus tree, and I may have a young visitor tomorrow whom I hope will help me put some ornaments on.

Watched a program on the filming of Planet Earth, the incredible BBC series. The patience and boredom and extreme weather that the photographers endure to bring us such stunning visuals is indeed a gift. They are deserving of our gratitude.

I need a standing coat tree, since I don't have a coat closet in the living room. Saw one at Pier 1, but it's still too expensive. Will see if it comes down in price after the holidays.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sing To The Tune Of

The 12 Days of Christmas.

On the first day of my leave
My true self gave to me
A trip to a new doggie park.

On the second day of my leave
My true self gave to me
Two fox salt shakers
And a trip to a new doggie park.

On the third day of my leave
My true self gave to me
Three eating dinner
Two fox salt shakers
And a trip to a new doggie park.

On the fourth day of my leave
My true self gave to me
Four furniture risers
Three eating dinner
Two fox salt shakers
And a trip to a new doggie park.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Saw a client this morning, then took Bindi for a walk. The stream is still unfrozen, and the sun was out. We had a tiny snow fall yesterday, but the news reported lots of car accidents and delays. The northeast every year gets more and more crazy about a bit of snow, as if we have never seen it. Nuts. Stopped by the consignment shop not to far from my house to see if the vintage wool filled comforter was still there. I had seen it last week and was attacted to it, but knew from my childhood that these kind of satin rayon or polyester covered duvet slips off the bed as easily as a penquin sliding into the Arctic waters off an ice floe, but I felt a nostalgia about it. It was still there, and although marked $22, the woman gave it to me for $12. Kind of looks like the one in the picture but nicer. Then I had skim milk latte with T. at Buns & Noodles, and he paid. He left, and I went to the Clinique counter to see if they had oil free moisturizer. They did, for $35. I had a $25 B & N gift card I won in a Michigan raffle, and there was 20% off for university staff and faculty. The bottle of moisturizer ended up costing me $4.98. Then I was desperate for a haircut, and went to State St. looking for what was open, as it was nearing 5pm. Found The Tonsorial Salon still open, walked in, and Juana, one of the three Latina women working, gave me a very masculine cut, as I had pointed to the poster above her station of a man with a short haircut. It was fine. When I went to pay, she said, $18. $18!!!! It's gonna be my new salon from now on. Juana took her time and did what I wanted. A good day money-wise, all in all.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Odd slip. Instead of "house" at the Group W Bench, I meant "hat." Hmmmm.


Went to see the movie Enchanted with Rachel and Frances. It was corny and funny. Then we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Earlier in the day I went to Edgerton and dug up my canna and dahlia tubers. Just in time, as the top two inches of soil had already frozen, but the tubers were still viable. I let Bindi run around thru the gardens which I think she liked altho she was shivering afterwards.

Had lunch with L & B, up from New York, which was so fine. I hope they will come and visit me and stay over in my guest room. We had a fun time going into the Group W Bench store, and I almost bought a house that they said made me look like Sherlock Holmes, but it was a bit pricey, so I passed. Might go back and get it. It's hard for me to find hats I like and I need one for the winter.

Spent a bit of time in Barnes & Noble (Buns and Noodles!) and found a great book, 1001 Gardens You Should Visit Before You Die, or something like that. Seemed a good compendium, but also pricey so I passed. Aren't I good?

Tomorrow is M's birthday and I am taking her and S to the diner for dinner. Haven't finished her present, but perhaps it will just have to be a holiday gift.

Wrote the draft letter for my dr's appt. tomorrow.

Spirit Talker

This is a poem I wrote this morning for a Native American client of mine. Her birthday is tomorrow. She has many health problems, has profound ptsd, and is working very hard to get well. Spirit Talker is the name given her by a tribal elder.


Is wise and knows the truth
Has self-knowledge
and knows what she needs
Is strong and can say no
Has survived and endured
when others would perish
Possesses deep compassion and says yes
when the time is right
Is loyal and kind to those
who cherish her
Is brave and protects those
who require it
Has the courage of her integrity
regardless of how others may judge
Acknowledges the suffering of the past,
determined to move beyond the pain
Embraces solitude to nurture her vision
Knows humor is her ally
and centeredness her power
Dares to heal her wounds
facing discomfort and fear
Honors her beauty and
the sacredness of her soul


Saturday, December 01, 2007


Mandala created with felt tip pens with nieces around the table during Thanksgiving visit to them and nephews and parents. Miss them.

Two crafts fairs today. Found the perfect holiday gift for M & S. And something for Bindi.

It's very hard to blog these days