Sunday, December 02, 2007

Spirit Talker

This is a poem I wrote this morning for a Native American client of mine. Her birthday is tomorrow. She has many health problems, has profound ptsd, and is working very hard to get well. Spirit Talker is the name given her by a tribal elder.


Is wise and knows the truth
Has self-knowledge
and knows what she needs
Is strong and can say no
Has survived and endured
when others would perish
Possesses deep compassion and says yes
when the time is right
Is loyal and kind to those
who cherish her
Is brave and protects those
who require it
Has the courage of her integrity
regardless of how others may judge
Acknowledges the suffering of the past,
determined to move beyond the pain
Embraces solitude to nurture her vision
Knows humor is her ally
and centeredness her power
Dares to heal her wounds
facing discomfort and fear
Honors her beauty and
the sacredness of her soul


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