Saturday, December 08, 2007


Saw a client this morning, then took Bindi for a walk. The stream is still unfrozen, and the sun was out. We had a tiny snow fall yesterday, but the news reported lots of car accidents and delays. The northeast every year gets more and more crazy about a bit of snow, as if we have never seen it. Nuts. Stopped by the consignment shop not to far from my house to see if the vintage wool filled comforter was still there. I had seen it last week and was attacted to it, but knew from my childhood that these kind of satin rayon or polyester covered duvet slips off the bed as easily as a penquin sliding into the Arctic waters off an ice floe, but I felt a nostalgia about it. It was still there, and although marked $22, the woman gave it to me for $12. Kind of looks like the one in the picture but nicer. Then I had skim milk latte with T. at Buns & Noodles, and he paid. He left, and I went to the Clinique counter to see if they had oil free moisturizer. They did, for $35. I had a $25 B & N gift card I won in a Michigan raffle, and there was 20% off for university staff and faculty. The bottle of moisturizer ended up costing me $4.98. Then I was desperate for a haircut, and went to State St. looking for what was open, as it was nearing 5pm. Found The Tonsorial Salon still open, walked in, and Juana, one of the three Latina women working, gave me a very masculine cut, as I had pointed to the poster above her station of a man with a short haircut. It was fine. When I went to pay, she said, $18. $18!!!! It's gonna be my new salon from now on. Juana took her time and did what I wanted. A good day money-wise, all in all.


kim said...

what a neat comforter! You're a great bargain hunter!

dale said...

$18 for a haircut is a bargain? I've been spoiled.