Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the Fifth Day

of my leave, my true self gave to me,
five pounds of bird seed,
four furniture risers,
three eating dinner,
two fox salt shakers,
and a trip to a new doggie park.

And D. called. So kind of him. Went swimming at the Y pool yesterday with Rachel and Frances, then watched Firehouse Dog with Frances while Rachel took a bath and a nap. It was pretty funny, if predictable.

Found some snow boots today on sale, big clunkers from North Face, but just what I needed. The weather has been lousy, snow, sleet, rain. The lights are on my holiday hibiscus tree, and I may have a young visitor tomorrow whom I hope will help me put some ornaments on.

Watched a program on the filming of Planet Earth, the incredible BBC series. The patience and boredom and extreme weather that the photographers endure to bring us such stunning visuals is indeed a gift. They are deserving of our gratitude.

I need a standing coat tree, since I don't have a coat closet in the living room. Saw one at Pier 1, but it's still too expensive. Will see if it comes down in price after the holidays.

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