Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crescent Queen

Told my story to the intake officer on Thursday. Puerto Rican gay man. Attentive, helpful, open, encouraging, a great sense of humor. He GOT what I was telling him, and told me to go for even more. Big dog lover, although he didn't start that way. Same as me. He told me he used to feel whenever someone would bring their dog somewhere that the person should be "taken outside and shot." Then his father died, and his mother was inconsolable. Nothing worked, not drugs, not therapy. Then he got her a small six pound long hair Chihuaha named Diva, but he called her "baby girl." She fell in love with the dog and began to heal. In September, Diva had to be put down and his mother is again deteriorating. And although he said he could not afford it, he was going out this weekend and get her another toy size dog. He said Diva used to sleep by his side even when he weighed 550 lbs, and he never rolled over on her. He had major surgery and is now a healthy weight, and looks fit and trim. He spent 3 1/2 hours with me. Our connection was healing for me, even though he won't be the one making the decision. Because of my empathy with his story and his with mine, he said I should consider a career in counseling. I didn't say so, but been there, done that, still do that. People are always telling me things they have never told anyone else. It is a privilege, and gives my life great meaning.

Fenway, the underweight dachshund at the pit bull awareness day festival in the park, was adopted by one of the women who work in the greenhouse. She knows Reiki and did some on Fenway when he first came to her house, and he settled right in. A perfect match. And I made a connection with the woman who was carrying Fenway around all day till he was adopted.

Rachel and I went to see "The Veiled Monologues" at the New Theatre on Thursday. The play is on tour, and although much of the content was familiar to me, I loved watching the women perform.

I hate the NPR fundraising drives.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Had lunch with M. and her friend and three kids yesterday. Played hit the windfall apples with the picket fence slat. When an apple is hit, yell "Applesauce!"

Lost Bindi's foldupable dog crate. How could I lose that? All I can think is that after the garden work party I put it on top of the car, put the stuff in the car, and drove out forgetting it was on top. My mind is so distracted.

Office stuff still bad. If anyone wants details, you'll have to write me. Can't blog it. Too much legal, ethical, emotional content.

Stopped at Rob and Rob's yesterday and it took five of us to figure out why the rubber tree plant wouldn't come out of the pot. Ended up having to use a circular saw to get the pot off, then I repotted it for them. Took some cuttings but don't know if they will root.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


A word the kids use often to describe something mean or moderately painful, but not devastating.

Had a work day at the community garden. Worked on the herb plot with Sue and Tony, and we had a great conversation about community, politics, Yale, multi-tasking, health insurance, getting help, karma. I said I went to a happy hour (actually Moderately Cheerful Hour since the German professor who hosts it says Germans don't have happy hour), and wrote out checks for my bills while sitting around the table with everyone. Tony thought that was so great. And I told him that sometimes I invite my friends over to just sit and talk with me while I clean or do some project, that having people around makes doing these things easier.

There was a pit bull awareness day festival in the park today as well. Bindi and I walked around and visited the tables and some of the doggies. We made a connection with someone who was working for the North Shore Animal Shelter that may come in handy in future if need be. Found a vendor who sells disposable vinyl or plastic or latex, don't know what, dog boots. Whaaaaaa??!?!?! I said, how do they stay on? She said, they have small ribs inside that keep them on. Might be the thing for Bindi during the winter.

Rachel and I went to see the film "Elizabeth I," on Thursday after work. A five o'clock showing, and there were only two other people in the theatre. Cate Blanchett and Clive Owens and Georffrey Rush. Lush, beautiful to look at. Neither of us know our British history, so we didn't know how historically accurate it was, but the photography was astonishing and every frame was purposefully framed to stand on its own, it seemed. The costumes, the sets, total eye candy.

"A cat on prozac sits in the corner and goes 'me . .'"

Robin Williams

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Bluebird has a new blog, which I am very glad about. This is her collage photo. I like it totally, as she created it.
Today after having a hard time getting started, I went to pick up Camilla's drugs, then stopped by my neighbors' house for a short visit. They were having a party for their son who is going off to the Coast Guard tomorrow. He wants to be a rescue diver. Seems like a very worthy ambition. Met the great grandmother who gave me three hugs. I was alerted that she might do this, but I certainly didn't mind at all. Sweet woman.
Also stopped by Duck Soup, a local alternative cafe near my house. It was near closing, but I got a piece of cherry pie and a coffee. Pie was not that good, but was glad to have gone inside the cafe for the first time. Someone there is very into horses, and had many photos of same, and a prominent sign about the abuse of mares and their fouls to make Premarin, the HRT drug. They are open for breakfast and have a cappacino machine, so that is truly an enticement.
Stayed up too late last night watching The English Patient. I like the movie, but couldn't even get to the end.
Had dinner on Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant with Frances and Rachel. I didn't think it was very good, but then I have high standards. It was as always nice to hang out with them.
Need to find the dog park in Southington, which I have been told about a couple of times.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just Because You're Paranoid . . .

doesn't mean they're not after you. I'm trying not to be, but things at the office are very bad again. I'm very anxious. I don't know what's going on. Will consult more of my allies, hopefully my allies, next week.
The Bindi dog pic is for Bluebird, as she has a similar one of herself on her new blog.
But not to dwell. Two clients this morning. Did some relaxation meditation with one of them, as she has a hard time calming down and letting go of stress. Let Bindi off the leash in the yard and she ran around and about and all over, would not come when I called, but later the neighbor was able to get ahold of her and brought her back to the house. My neighbors are very attentive when she is off leash, and I appreciate that very much. They thought I didn't know she was scampering, but I did, just could not get her. Little minx.
Went to R.W. Hine hardware and bought some Safer bug spray to treat my plants before I bring them in. Then to Marshall's to get some pants that fit. Everything is too big from my too-much-stress weight loss. How many out there hate to hem jeans???? Me!!!!! Stopped at Wentworth's and ate a huge amount of maple walnut ice cream. Now am making Moroccan style chicken, with chick peas and tomatoes. Don't have a bit of fresh lemon juice or cilantro that it calls for, but at least I got myself to cook. Broke down and bought some frozen dinners last week cause I just couldn't get it together.
Was in Madison yesterday and bought some shirts that fit at Christy's. 40% off of Flax linen if you paid by cash or check. I like their stuff.
Am back to reading "On Borrowed Wings" by Chandra Prasad. Hope to finally finish it. And am reading a short story in the recent New Yorker about a boy who feels no physical pain. M. said it was a great metaphor for everyone's pain with how hard our lives can be.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't eat the CAR!!

'Member that line from Tuner and Hootch? Bindi ate a hole in my love seat. Small, near the bottom, but still. I can't leave her unattended at all, unless she is in her crate.

Went to a free lunchtime concert with Rachel today. Lovely. Students from the Music School playing Beethoven, Dahl, Strauss.

Niece E. was here over the weekend and HELPED ME SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! Thanks, E!
Anybody else wanna come out and help?

Saw G. at home yesterday. She had been in the hospital for a week, with flaring gall bladder, and pancreatitis. Had surgery. Had some bad hospital stories. Anybody know if the gall bladder is a necessary organ?

Misty had a little eye problem over the weekend, but seems to be better now. The weather is cooler now, and Bindi has taken to shivering. Time for the doggie sweater. JP told me to watch The Year of the Dog, with Molly Shannon. Ok, JP.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday, Monday

Was very depressed at the office all day. Took a walk with Rachel and got Thai food at the sidewalk cart.

Bindi has been very aggressive with other dogs she sees across the street or even from the car. She must be picking up my stress, as this is new behavior. I took her to the dog park today and she was fine with Ruthie, a springer spaniel, and Daisy, a pit/boxer mix. Still, she didn't want to run around as much as I thought she might. She seemed tired.

Have a meeting with union reps tomorrow about my case, and I have a letter that I'm hoping will pull some weight.

Read that comfrey root ointment in a recent study significantly reduced pain from osteoarthritis in knees. Will have Dr. Artemis order me some.