Monday, October 22, 2007


Had lunch with M. and her friend and three kids yesterday. Played hit the windfall apples with the picket fence slat. When an apple is hit, yell "Applesauce!"

Lost Bindi's foldupable dog crate. How could I lose that? All I can think is that after the garden work party I put it on top of the car, put the stuff in the car, and drove out forgetting it was on top. My mind is so distracted.

Office stuff still bad. If anyone wants details, you'll have to write me. Can't blog it. Too much legal, ethical, emotional content.

Stopped at Rob and Rob's yesterday and it took five of us to figure out why the rubber tree plant wouldn't come out of the pot. Ended up having to use a circular saw to get the pot off, then I repotted it for them. Took some cuttings but don't know if they will root.

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kim said...

the applesauce game sounds like fun!

my brain is really distracted lately, too. I'm really growing into my space cadet label. :-)