Sunday, October 14, 2007


Bluebird has a new blog, which I am very glad about. This is her collage photo. I like it totally, as she created it.
Today after having a hard time getting started, I went to pick up Camilla's drugs, then stopped by my neighbors' house for a short visit. They were having a party for their son who is going off to the Coast Guard tomorrow. He wants to be a rescue diver. Seems like a very worthy ambition. Met the great grandmother who gave me three hugs. I was alerted that she might do this, but I certainly didn't mind at all. Sweet woman.
Also stopped by Duck Soup, a local alternative cafe near my house. It was near closing, but I got a piece of cherry pie and a coffee. Pie was not that good, but was glad to have gone inside the cafe for the first time. Someone there is very into horses, and had many photos of same, and a prominent sign about the abuse of mares and their fouls to make Premarin, the HRT drug. They are open for breakfast and have a cappacino machine, so that is truly an enticement.
Stayed up too late last night watching The English Patient. I like the movie, but couldn't even get to the end.
Had dinner on Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant with Frances and Rachel. I didn't think it was very good, but then I have high standards. It was as always nice to hang out with them.
Need to find the dog park in Southington, which I have been told about a couple of times.

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