Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't eat the CAR!!

'Member that line from Tuner and Hootch? Bindi ate a hole in my love seat. Small, near the bottom, but still. I can't leave her unattended at all, unless she is in her crate.

Went to a free lunchtime concert with Rachel today. Lovely. Students from the Music School playing Beethoven, Dahl, Strauss.

Niece E. was here over the weekend and HELPED ME SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! Thanks, E!
Anybody else wanna come out and help?

Saw G. at home yesterday. She had been in the hospital for a week, with flaring gall bladder, and pancreatitis. Had surgery. Had some bad hospital stories. Anybody know if the gall bladder is a necessary organ?

Misty had a little eye problem over the weekend, but seems to be better now. The weather is cooler now, and Bindi has taken to shivering. Time for the doggie sweater. JP told me to watch The Year of the Dog, with Molly Shannon. Ok, JP.


Anonymous said...

You write so well! And other entries have wonderful pictures associated with them-am not sure I knew you had a digital camera. I really like your new home too. Talk to you later! love jfk

kim said...

Mmmmm, love seat, yummy.

I'm glad E was so much help. I don't think I would be much help. :-/