Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just Because You're Paranoid . . .

doesn't mean they're not after you. I'm trying not to be, but things at the office are very bad again. I'm very anxious. I don't know what's going on. Will consult more of my allies, hopefully my allies, next week.
The Bindi dog pic is for Bluebird, as she has a similar one of herself on her new blog.
But not to dwell. Two clients this morning. Did some relaxation meditation with one of them, as she has a hard time calming down and letting go of stress. Let Bindi off the leash in the yard and she ran around and about and all over, would not come when I called, but later the neighbor was able to get ahold of her and brought her back to the house. My neighbors are very attentive when she is off leash, and I appreciate that very much. They thought I didn't know she was scampering, but I did, just could not get her. Little minx.
Went to R.W. Hine hardware and bought some Safer bug spray to treat my plants before I bring them in. Then to Marshall's to get some pants that fit. Everything is too big from my too-much-stress weight loss. How many out there hate to hem jeans???? Me!!!!! Stopped at Wentworth's and ate a huge amount of maple walnut ice cream. Now am making Moroccan style chicken, with chick peas and tomatoes. Don't have a bit of fresh lemon juice or cilantro that it calls for, but at least I got myself to cook. Broke down and bought some frozen dinners last week cause I just couldn't get it together.
Was in Madison yesterday and bought some shirts that fit at Christy's. 40% off of Flax linen if you paid by cash or check. I like their stuff.
Am back to reading "On Borrowed Wings" by Chandra Prasad. Hope to finally finish it. And am reading a short story in the recent New Yorker about a boy who feels no physical pain. M. said it was a great metaphor for everyone's pain with how hard our lives can be.


Anonymous said...

oh my God, what's going on, it sounds like you're having a really lousy start of the sounds bad, i'm sorry it's happening and i'm keeping my fingers crossed! i hope there are enough people around that you can rely on and who can help, support and cheer you up! wish i were there to give you a hug!
p.s. my orals are tomorrow, i'm soooo nervous, but i'll send you a long e-mail after!xxxxxxx

kim said...

I'm sorry to hear things are such a struggle right now. I can relate at least to some degree, as I've been fighting some depression and anxiety this summer/fall as well. I think part of mine is hormonal changes, I don't know. It's always the hormones. LOL. I' love you and would have you over for dinner all week if it would help. You're welcome to come visit and we'll do our best to pamper you (noisily, maybe, LOL) ...

do people hem jeans? i don't, I just roll them up. They're always always too long for my stubby short legs.

losing weight through stress isn't the best way to do it, but at least a little good comes from the stress, right? I tend to eat more when stressed :-P