Saturday, October 20, 2007


A word the kids use often to describe something mean or moderately painful, but not devastating.

Had a work day at the community garden. Worked on the herb plot with Sue and Tony, and we had a great conversation about community, politics, Yale, multi-tasking, health insurance, getting help, karma. I said I went to a happy hour (actually Moderately Cheerful Hour since the German professor who hosts it says Germans don't have happy hour), and wrote out checks for my bills while sitting around the table with everyone. Tony thought that was so great. And I told him that sometimes I invite my friends over to just sit and talk with me while I clean or do some project, that having people around makes doing these things easier.

There was a pit bull awareness day festival in the park today as well. Bindi and I walked around and visited the tables and some of the doggies. We made a connection with someone who was working for the North Shore Animal Shelter that may come in handy in future if need be. Found a vendor who sells disposable vinyl or plastic or latex, don't know what, dog boots. Whaaaaaa??!?!?! I said, how do they stay on? She said, they have small ribs inside that keep them on. Might be the thing for Bindi during the winter.

Rachel and I went to see the film "Elizabeth I," on Thursday after work. A five o'clock showing, and there were only two other people in the theatre. Cate Blanchett and Clive Owens and Georffrey Rush. Lush, beautiful to look at. Neither of us know our British history, so we didn't know how historically accurate it was, but the photography was astonishing and every frame was purposefully framed to stand on its own, it seemed. The costumes, the sets, total eye candy.

"A cat on prozac sits in the corner and goes 'me . .'"

Robin Williams

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