Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dazzle Me

This is a photo of Coco Fusco, a performance artist/writer/professor, who did a lunchtime presentation yesterday for the Photography and Memory Workshop that LW organizes.
In her current project she is exploring the reality of women in the military who become interrogators of prisoners of war in places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. She is trying to understand and raise awareness of how women in the military are trained to carry out the kinds of torture they do. Fusco did a slide show of illustrations of the specific tortures that are taught, and showed a bit of film footage of her and seven other colleagues who agreed to experience a simulated interrogation at a U.S. training facility for soldiers in Pennsylvania. The seven women were put through the same training that soliders experience when they are being taught how to survive as prisoners of war. Her belief is that our government and the American people are not outraged enough about the torture being done in the name of the so-called "War on Terror" and the Bush administration. She was extremely provocative, the topic was painfully heavy, and the discussion was honest, challenging, and wide-ranging. I questioned her on why she admitted to being surprised that women could commit such acts of torture and violence, especially when there are so many cases of mothers who abuse their children in ways that could clearly fall into the category of torture. I added further that women who commit these crimes against children are usually repeating what happened to them, in the absence of having healed themselves from such atrocities perpetrated by their own mothers and fathers. She said she did not want to use this theory to explain what was happening, that this was too "simple," put women in the role of victims, and that these female soldiers were carrying out a duty, an order, not unconsciously compulsively repeating what was done to them, a la Alice Miller. She said most men and women go into the military for a j-o-b, not because they want to kill or torture. I would counter that anyone who chooses the military for a job is on some level aware that killing might be a part of it, and on some level is agreeing to do that. Men too suffer childhood abuse, and perhaps there is a part of those male survivors who again, unhealed, are not averse to passing on the violence, either through the military service, or in their own families. Violence is violence.
On to happier matters. Patti came over this morning and M & M and I had coffee with her. Then Bindi and I went over to visit Annette, and we sat outside in the sun for a while. It was a glorious cool warmish day. Then off to the post office to return a bunch of clothes from Coldwater Creek. The fabrics were gross. They used to have almost all their garments made from high quality cotton, now a lot of it is acrylic, polyester, spandex, etc. Yuk. The post office closed at 1pm, but they let me in at 1:05, for which I was very thankful. Then we went over to the Guilford Food shop and got some the marrow bones that Bindi likes to chew on, and I was seduced by some rose plants they had just gotten in from Pinchbeck's down the road. I bought a lavender rose bush, and hope that the fragrance will be as strong as other lavender rose blooms I have smelled. Smelt? Then across the street to Paws on the Green to look around. Ended up buying some Innova cat food, and yet another conversation about pet foods.
Off then to the Madison Flower and Garden Center to see what they had to offer. I asked them how their prices compared with the now defunct Fonicello's Garden Center, but a young man working there said they were more expensive but try to make up for it with customer service. I said, "Great! You got any coffee?" He said "No, but how about a hug?" We were outside, it was said very sweetly, others were around, so I said "Sure!" and we exchanged a quick friendly embrace. I thought it was kind of a hippie guy thing to do, and kind of nice. I didn't buy anything. Got a sandwich from Subway, then dropped into Agway where a Merrick pet food rep was giving out samples to the doggies. Bindi had a bit of Australian sausage which she liked very much. Ok, the pet food discussion again. Turns out Science Diet (Hills) is owned by Colgate! And the reason all the vets carry it is that Hills sponsors lots of vet conferences, gives scholarship money to veterinary schools, and offers many incentives for vets to carry their products. And that many vets are not taught nutrition in medical schools, not unlike people docs.
Been taking the trazedone to sleep, and it seems at least to be giving a bit more REM sleep, cause I've been having intense dreams. Still not waking up feeling any more refreshed tho.
Signed up for the "white women's" gospel choir again, six weeks starting April 16. I'll miss one rehearsal cause I'll be away, but it was such fun last year.
Tommaso brought me and Bindi a bottle of Origins dog shampoo cause he was in the shop and saw it and said he just had to get it. It smells of lavender which is such a clean fresh sent.
Hey, my clivia that I thought might be yellow, actually is, and is about to bloom! Yellow ones are not common at all, so it is very exciting. It is a baby plant from my friend Paula, which has grown into a big plant. The secret to getting them bloom which M has taught me, is to keep them outside in the fall until just before the first frost. That sets the blooms.
Interesting message on my cell phone the other day. A bone marrow donor bank in California reached me looking for my friend Isa, as her bone marrow might be a possible match for a patient. Isa had signed up with the bank because apparently some Latina blood or marrow, I'm not sure which, is hard to come by. And she gave the bank my info as a contact person. Well, Isa is in Spain, so I called her there, reached her, and hopefully they will hook up.
The Judith Butler dvd came in, "Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind." Haven't watched it yet. Took Mihaela and Adam out for ice cream yesterday. It's Adam's first time in the U.S. He wants to see the ocean so I hope to get them out here next Friday and go to Hammonassett beach with the doggie.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Give me typical, gimme some typical

Enjoyed watching "House" last night. Am so annoyed when it is preempted by American Idol. What a bunch of crap. Had a client this morning who is going to do a "duathlon." I said, "What's that?" She said, "Running, biking, running." Who knew? Took Bindi to the dog park, and she got freaked out when three big dogs came in, Kramer, Wally, and Sister, and came right up to her and checked her out. They didn't hurt her or anything, I think Bindi was just surprised and caught off guard. She kind of hid under the park bench for a while, and then ventured out after a while to play, but her heart wasn't in it. There were several small children there, too, including a little girl named Knox. She liked it when Bindi kissed her. I asked her mom where the name Knox came from, and the mom said it was her mother's and grandmother's names. They were from Louisiana. Said it was probably a last name at one point.

Made plans to go see the AndFam on April 18, using my frequent flier miles. Will be there for Tobi-wan's birthday, and I-cat's concert

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

House Mouse

Hey, it's the AndFam! I, G, E, T, D, and A. GAITED. Adjective. Everyone was happy for the sunny day, warm and springy. Hurray hurray! For this fine balmy day! (Photo taken by their mom, K. She takes fabulous photos!)

Rachel and I went and got lunch at Gourmet Heaven. They have absolutely the best salad, fruit, and hot bar in town. So fresh and nutritious. Pricey but worth it. Had a nice chat with Professor Bate who went on and on about how dogs are part of our mind, in fact expand it, while cats are merely aesthetic. He's very entertaining.

Left the two aesthetic felines locked in the bedroom when I left today in order to catch the small brown field mouse who seems to have taken up residence there. I was hoping to come home and find a dead or maimed little thing, but the mousey was still giving them a run for their kibble. Way to stay alive, mouse!

Geeta told us about her wonderful trip to Machu Picchu. She looked revived and excited, and said she came back feeling happy. I was so pleased for her.

I removed the weeds and leaves and debris from the tulips in the garden and look forward to seeing them bloom in a couple of weeks.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Venturina Calidario

Had a hard time getting up this morning, as usual. Took a trazedone last night to help me sleep and it did, but those things always leave me to some degree hungover/groggy. The CPAP people said they can't help me with the fact that I used the machine for a week and couldn't fall asleep with it on. They say I have to talk to my doctor. Fortunately things were not very busy at the office today.
Am trying the new Aetna prescriptions thru the mail program. The co-pay if you go directly thru them is about half what it is at the supermarket pharmacy. With all the prescription drugs I'm on, that'll save me a significant chunk.

Tommaso came by with his fake Armani belt buckle, and pink sweater. Very pretty. He was so glad to see Bindi. And he told me about going to the Venturina Calidario near his family's country house in Tuscany. the calidario is an ancient Roman bath, with pools of hot mineral water available for anyone to use. They serve you tea, and give you massage, and let you sleep if you want. It is a place I will visit when I go in July, hopefully hopefully. He said it was the best part of going home for the school vacation. He was exhausted by seeing so many friends.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I've always liked the name Captiva. I was part of a girl gang for about three minutes called Captiva, but I think it fell apart cause I refused to get a black leather jacket.
This is a photo I took of a lovely swing on a private beach on Captiva Island nears Naples, FL. Scott and I were driving around Sanibel and Captiva and I had to stop and capture this. It angers me so that much of the U.S. coastline is privately owned. I mean, who can own the sand and the sea and the stars and the air and the rapture of it all? It was surely meant for all of us.
Had dinner tonight at a bad Chinese place near Guilford. Then a bit of Montezuma's revenge. Before that, Bindi and I went to a "tricks" workshop at the dog trainer's. It was fun. We learned how to do "spin," and "cute face," and "take a bow." Of course they have to be practiced many times. I planted a few tulip bulbs in a pot for outside, and the ones in the house are blooming. Very nice. I've been very sleepy this weekend and have been sleeping a lot.
Yesterday I went to meet the woman who owns the house on West Lake, who has two basement rooms to rent. There are many positives about living there: right on a beautiful lake, a fenced in yard for the dogs, and Bindi got along with her dog Cody right away; the setup would work for my counseling practice; the price is right. The neighborhood has others of a like mind. The owner teaches on Long Island and is gone all week, but here on the weekends, and during the summer so I would get time alone. She likes cats and has one that looks like Camilla. She likes classical music, and seems to be mature. The downside: there are stairs. No bathroom or windows in the basement
Friday I had tea with Annette and Pat. Pat's mother recently died; her husband died last year; her sister the year before that. And two granddaughters born during the same time. Talk about yin and yang. We had a pleasant chat.
The last of the snow should melt this week, and then I'll start some planting. Bought two bags of organic seaweed fertilizer. Spring break is over. Spring planting begins.
Why can't I get this program to make paragraph breaks?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vernal Equinox

Starts at 8:07 pm. First day of spring is tomorrow. Today is also the Persian New Year. The day was warm and sunny, and I was finally able to shovel the ice off the front porch. Took care of some paperwork at the office. Pam's daughter Donai was with her, and Donai wanted to take Bindi for a walk so we did that. I do so like watching kids learn how to handle a dog, hold the leash, say the commands. My new office rug arrived and looks pretty good. Sam came in and said, "why is it so bright in here?" I said cause I have this new light colored furniture, and have replaced the dark rug with this new one. With the sun shining thru the windows, my office was indeed cheery.
I've signed up Bindi for some recall classes with the dog trainer. Recall is to get the dog to respond when you say, "Bindi, COME!" She's so bad at that. It's only three weeks, but I'll get a better handle on how to train her in that aspect. I've also enrolled her in a one time "tricks" class this Sunday night. That should be fun
The cats:
oddly, both Misty and Camilla are more reluctant than ever to let me cut their nails. They used to be just fine with it. I don't know what changed. They are such enigmatic animals.
New Haven was on the national news tonight, with the following story concerning undocumented workers:
New Haven's next step is a municipal ID card — the first of its kind in the nation — to help undocumented residents get city services or open bank accounts. New Haven is fast becoming a so called "sanctuary city." The city's goal is to be a safe, civil place where people are able to fulfill their ambitions, DeStefano says.
I had a bad dream last night about an old friend who was jerking me around. She used to do that when we were actively friends and hanging out together. Yuk.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Iguana Skin

Rachel was jealous that I was in Florida so she announced today that she and Frances are leaving on Thursday for four days at DisneyWorld in Orlando. They've been there a few times and like it very much. One more week of spring break; our hallway is empty, quiet and devoid of activity. And it's cold here. I wanna go back to Florida!!

Rob called and reminded me of the miniatures exhibit at the Guilford Art Center, so I dropped in to take a look. Nothing could be more than 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches, altho it looked like a few cheated a bit. My favorite was a small house/temple created out of shed iguana skin. It was exquisitely executed.

Then I went to the Guilford Green for an anti-war rally. There were about a hundred people there, which was more than I expected. Mostly it was an older group, leftovers from the lefty anti-Vietnam war era. I was glad I went, and hope that similar gatherings in other cities today further cemented the nation's disgust with the killing in Iraq.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Naples, FL

What a nice vacation I had. Better than I had expected. Even got an extra day in Naples because of the snowstorm in the northeast. Came back on Delta on Saturday around 3pm, and had been bumped up to first class, with the flight leaving right on time. Drove back from Hartford via 95 south, to 9 south, to 17 south, to 77 east right into downtown Guilford. Didn't want to cook so had dinner at Som Siam right on the Green. Bindi was not happy about the snow, and refused to pee until she couldn't stand it any more.
Naples is an odd town in some ways. There is an overabundance of McMansions along the Gulf Shore Drive, next to the ocean, magnificently landscaped and lighted. They are beautiful as a kind of art, but to have them as one family places is obscene. Also, too many fancy chic shops selling overpriced goods, and lots of skinny white women in expensive clothing having shallow conversations amongst themselves. Uck. That's west Naples. East Naples, where I stayed, is considered the "wrong" side of town. The Latino and Chicano and Cubana and Mexicana folks live there on whatever salaries they make serving the white communities on the west side of town. I stayed at the Red Roof Inn, which was just ok, barely passable. It was still $100+ per night, and they had put me on the second floor, with no elevator. I should have inquired when I made the reservation, but I naively assume that these places have elevators, and there were no other rooms available. They allow pets at no extra charge, so that and the room rates were why I chose it. The best part about the place was the very nice swimming pool, large and clean and nicely landscaped, altho the water was WAY too warm for me.
I stopped in Fort Myers, FL, where I flew in to last Monday, to vist my friend Sammy who lives at Carefree Resort. It was nice to see her, and her daughter and granddaughter were visiting so that was nice, too. Since I had forgotten to pack Bindi's new nylon collapsible travel kennel, Sammy helped me construct one out of a big cardboard box and some screen netting. It worked beautifully as a place for Bindi to be safe when I needed to leave her in the hotel room. Sammy is dealing with sleep problems too, and on a combination of drugs. Ratz.
My time in Naples was very laid back. Scott was working quite a bit at the Hyundai dealership where he sells cars, so I had time on my own. I was glad to see that he was pretty much recovered from his motorcycle accident, altho he says his leg still badly when he sits too long. He doesn't like the long hours he has to work at the dealership, but the money is good and he's glad about that. We went out to eat a couple of times when he got off work, and a couple of times had dinner at his house with his mom, dad, sister, and nice and nephew. I liked meeting them all. And his dad made delicious stuffed shells.
The beaches in Naples especially the first couple of days were spectacular. The water was cold, but clear and clean, and the shore sloped gently out into the ocean. These beaches are specially created for the residents there and much work goes into making sure the slope is just right and the sand is kept free of debris. I went swimming even tho the water temp was around 72 degrees. The sun was out so that kept me warm. One day Scott and I drove up to Sanibel and Captiva Islands, about an hour north of Naples, but sitting on the Sanibel beach got us coughing, likely from the red tide. It was an extremely windy day, and the choppy waves were not swimmable, even if the red tide hadn't been there. Sanibel was once a good place to go shelling, but no longer. We drove thru the "Ding" Darling nature preseve and saw several types of birds and a small 'gator and a turtle, but not much else. Wrong time of day, I guess.
I had several nice enounters with people in the area, including the guy who sat next to me on the flight down. I chatted with people in the water when I was swimming, with folks who owned doggie/pet shops, with an artist painting tiny watercolors outside Starbucks on 5th Avenue. Bindi and I found a great dog park and spent two hours there one morning. There was a bit of drama before we could have fun, however. We drove up to the gated dog area and a woman was limping, a grimace on her face, and when I got out and asked what was wrong she said she had tripped and skinned her shin on a tree stump nearby. You would have thought she had broken her leg, the way she was carrying on!! I took a look at it, and it was a bad bump and a scrape but she seemed to be more traumatized by the fact that it might leave a scar than anything else. I had little compassion for that, with my completely scarred-up limbs, but I washed off the cut for her, tied my clean handkerchief around it (the one I got in Basel, Switzerland), told her to go call her doctor, and gave her my name and address so she could send the kerchief back to me. She was appreciative of the help, but I couldn't get out of my head how nuts she was worrying about a little old scar. She must have been from west Naples.
We saw several chihuahua mix dogs, including one white one that looked almost exactly like Bindi. Same size, same shape, same ears, same face, just white. Then someone brought in a tiny 3 month old chihuahua mix named Lily, who was chocolate brown, had a bobbed tail and a tilted head and she was just too precious. We all cracked up when she went over to the small drinking trough and jumped up into it and settled her whole diminutive self into the water to cool off! I took some pics and got the name of Lily's mom to send her prints.
One evening Scott took me to the lobby of the Naples Grande Hotel, a very upscale, remodeled resort where his sister works as a babysitter for guests. When we drove down the driveway to the parking garage, there was a speed limit sign that read "9 mph." Not 10, not 5, but 9. As if. The lobby was beautifully and minimally decorated in modern, sleek upholstery, curtains, chairs, bars, foliage, and art. Large, airy, and welcoming. We were only there for coffee, but the dining room had just closed. The waiter gave us coffee to go anyway, for free, and we walked down to the pool and sat under the stars drinking our coffee and chatting. What a lovely night.
Mario's is a family-owned, very casual Greek restaurant on the east side of Naples, owned by people Scott knows. We got there late one night too, but they made us a Greek salad, and one of the owners told us some dirty story about Socrates after Scott bought me a variety of bath soaps they were selling, going by the brand name Socrates, made in Greece.
I went into the Naples Dog Center one afternoon by myself, and got into a conversation with a woman named Marilyn Anderson about dog food. She has convinced me to stop using Science Diet, which is supposed to be a very good dog food, but is, she reported, actually not good at all since it was bought over a few years ago by new owners who downgraded the recipe significantly. She recommends using Solid Gold or Innova, and feeds her own animals a raw diet of meat and vegetables she prepares herself. She says any food that has grain as its first ingredient is bad. The first ingredient should be meat. She is convinced that the increase in cancers in dogs and cats is due to the bad commercial foods out there. Bindi's dog trainer also recommends Solid Gold. The reason apparently that so many vets "recommend" Science Diet is that the SD producers make the vets offers they can't refuse. I told her about Camilla being overweight, and how the vet said to put her on Science Diet RD, but that's mostly fiber she said. The way to help an animal lose weight is to increase the protein, so I am going to try that. Camilla certainly hasn't lost any weight on the SD RD.
The day I left I went to the farmer's market and bought the most delicious raisin and walnut bread, which I completely devoured throughout the day yesterday. I had also purchased at another shop some Florida honey enhanced with Key Lime oil, and that on the bread was heaven. Scott had given me some oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines from his neighbor's yard, since they had moved and given him permission to pick whatever he wanted. Yum yum yum. And yum. I'm gonna ask him to mail me a big box of them. I'd never seen tangerines growing on the tree before.
His dog Herman, also a chihuahua mix, greeted me like a long lost love. He was so affectionate, I was sure he remembered me. That was so moving. I have missed having Herman and Scott around. I asked Scott if he would move back to CT, but he is committed to staying in Florida to help his mum, who is in her 70s. They are very close. It's very nice to see.
We had breakfast one morning at Jane's on 3rd Street, which is part of the "historic" part of Naples, altho you couldn't easily discern that what with the plethora of expensive galleries and clothing shoppes around. Another morning we ate at First Watch, which was better than Jane's, and right on a canal. Blueberry pancakes. Slurp.
I went to the Naples Public Library one afternoon to do some research for Scott and to check my email. That was useful. Since I don't travel with my laptop, I look for the free places for computer access. Most libraries offer that. I checked out one rummage sale Saturday morning at a local church, and when I arrived there must have been a line of 100 people waiting to get in. I thought, wow, this must be quite the tag sale. After I got in, I saw that it was just a bunch of really junky stuff, worse than most of the tag sales I go to in CT. I think everyone was just eager to see if they could get some cool stuff from the rich people for cheap. NOT!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I was taking recycling out to the garage, and this guy drives up the driveway, someone I did not recognize. Turns out he wanted to know if the house was for rent or sale. I said no. We got to talking and, long story short, he might be a good contact if I have to leave here in August/Sept. He kind of buys and sells houses, does rennovation, has a couple of apartments in Madison, and knows the Leetes family. I said that something might change at the end of the summer, and he said to call him. We might be able to work something out, he said. He seemed affable, liked Bindi, and I had no reason to mistrust him. I recognized his name from the caller i.d. from a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm, I think the universe is taking care of me.
Ok, ok, so I'm a little concerned about Bindi Irwin. Saw her on a repeat of Larry King last night, with her mum, and she seemed very scripted, overly polite, and kept talking about how much she liked show business. She said she felt "at home" on the stage, and very confident. Her mom kept silent the whole time she was talking, and has assured us that this is Bindi's choice, and since she was put in front of a camera literally since the day she was born, it's no surprise she is such a ham, like her dad. She said there were no animals she was afraid of, but liked crocs and snakes the best. I will continue to follow her career/life. I wonder what she'll be like in ten years.
BindiPup and I just got out of the shower. What a good doggie. Doesn't mind the shower at all, but isn't overly thrilled with it either. But she's gotta smell good for the trip. Our flight isn't until tomorrow morning at 11am, so I don't have to get up super early. Those days are gone.
Tulips are coming up, and the dianthus leaves are greening up. Snow drops are in bloom, and I'll be able to plant cold weather crops when I get back. It was warmish and sunny today, but I was inside the whole time cleaning and semi packing.
Had an okay time at the NHLGCC fundraiser last night, the Dorothy Awards. One honoree gave a very moving speech, the meal was not bad, and we had a good group at the table: Rob, Robert, Jim, Tony, Nick, Emma, Rachel, Frances, and Jolisa. Still I was ready to leave after two hours. My two hour limit for socializing.
Ok, bloggers, I'll blog ya in a week. Peace, out.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Of Mice and Men. And Dogs.

Monday I'm off to Florida. Will try to pack before the last minute, which means will try to have the suitcase in the car by 10 pm on Sunday night. Went to visit another house sharing situation today but the bedrooms were up a steep flight of stairs, and I think the woman who owns the house is more "casual" than I would like, if you know what I mean. It was a nice big house, tho, with a heated in ground swimming pool, and she had a black lab puppy. Oh well.

Saw the shrink yesterday and got trazodone to help me get to sleep while using the CPAP machine. Will take on that project when I get back from Florida. Can't stand having yet another prescription drug to take. Oh well.

Had birthday dinner for Dilwyn on Wednesday night, with Rob and Robert and Kevin and Ludger. It was very nice. I got Dilwyn a new fluffy blanket for her bed. She's deaf, and has a sensitive stomach, so thought something tactile would be best. I think Rob liked it. They call her Grandma. We got to talking about the movie "Office Space" and none of them had ever seen it, so when I was at Stop & Shop yesterday I bought them a copy and dropped it off. It's such a hysterically funny movie.

Heard a story on NPR about the Fugees soccer team near Atlanta, GA. Fugees is short for Refugees and the kids on the team are immigrants from war-ravaged countries who have come to the U.S. It's a boys' teams, but they have a woman coach, and apparently it's the best thing in these kids' lives.

Breakthrough with Bindi today. She ran into my bedroom to eat the leftover cat food or cat poop, whichever she could get to first, but I yelled, "Bindi, Stay!" and she stopped and let me pick her up before she ingested anything. Hurray for training!

Tim Miller performed for Tirza's class on Wednesday. He was awesome. Talented, inspiring, political, funny, intelligent, sweet. It's rare to see a performance artist of his calibre in such a small venue with so few people. Apparently not too many people know who he is 'cause there wasn't much of a turnout even tho we publicized the class as being open to the public. Oh well. I'm glad I saw him.
Bought some mouse poison today at Page's for my Yale office. Because I keep dog kibble and treats there, mousies are a problem, as they are all over Yale, with many of their buildings being 300 years old or more. I tried some little plastic traps with peanut butter as bait, but that didn't work, so will use the bad stuff while I'm away for ten days. Didn't want to use it 'cause of Bindi coming to work with me, but will throw out whatever the mice haven't eaten when I come back.
Had a bad dream about my mother last night. She was caught in some kind of scandal and ended up in jail. At first I felt badly for her, but then because what she had done was so awful, I knew she had to be there. Can't remember what she did in the dream.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Rug

This is the new rug I ordered for my Yale office. Trying to lighten things up, which already has been greatly enhanced by my light colored desk/hutch setup, which I love. Twenty five years of crap and now with a little over two years to go, I get nice stuff. Ain't it the way it goes.
Had coffee with Rob this morning. He can't get a break. Yesterday one of the neighbor dogs bit Arnold's ear in play and the cut wouldn't stop bleeding, so another trip to the vet's. Dillwyn is doing better, but still frail. The so-called Elizabethan collars have been redesigned with flashy fabrics and foam inserts, and Arnold looks very silly wearing one.
Watched The Notebook on dvd last night. Another heartwrencher, with James Garner and Gena Rowlands, both of whom I love. Rowlands played an older woman with senile dementia who was present to her husband only for short periods at a time. Otherwise she did not know who he was. Much of the film was about their courtship as young adults. Did ten minutes of sorting through papers, and that was ten minutes too long, but ten minutes more than I usually do. Yea me!
Had my eyebrows waxed for the first time in my life today. Really neatens them up and they look nice. Got all my hair chopped off again, too. Didn't quite want it as short as it is, but it grows fast, so who cares. Will be good for Florida. Have been rethinking taking Bindi as the Naples beaches don't allow dogs, but I don't imagine I'll be spending all that much time on the beach myself. Must remember to look up the water temps down there before I go. And I guess I can just leave her in the hotel room when I go out to the beach for a couple of hours. That shouldn't be a problem. I'll be bringing a collapsible kennel. There's at least one pontoon boat tour that allows dogs, so that will be cool.
Trying to convince Rob and Robert to go with Rachel and Frances and me to The Dorothy Awards on Saturday night. They need a night of just hanging out, with a buffet, a band, silent auction, and socializing. Rob is having a very quick and small dinner tomorrow for Dillwyn's 14th birthday. Happy Birthday, DillGirl.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

Saw the movie Bridge to Terabithia today with Rachel and Frances. Although it was charming and clever and amusing in parts, it made me very sad. The way kids treat one another (i.e., Margaret Atwood, Cat's Eye), and the despair of a sensitive, talented child unseen by his parents. We all cried. Ugh. Came home and went to sleep.
Laurie Anderson quoting Don Delillo saying something like, "The only great artists left are the terrorists because they still have the ability to surprise us." Suze Orman siting courage and cleanliness as two of the eight qualities of wealthy women. Hmm. Reading that one gimmick to deal with procrastination is do approach a task for ten minutes at a time, so as not to get overwhelmed. Think I can use that one. In fact, went thru a couple piles of papers this evening, filed some, threw some out. Been liking Snickers Marathon Energy Bars. Still too much sugar, but they have ten grams of protein, which helps to ameliorate the effects of the sugar. And they are way yum.
Wish it would warm up again, like it did yesterday. Poor Bindi needs to run around the dog park. I fear she does not get enough exercise from me cause I can't walk her as much as I should.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Today Bindi and I went to find Flatiron Road, and the house to which I might consider moving. The house is small, but directly on a medium size lake, I mean the lake is in the backyard. A less fancy part of Guilford, on the North Branford line, off Rt. 80. Still much talking to be done with the person who owns it. Saw the resident golden retriever sunning on the back steps. The neighborhood reminded me of the cluster of small cottages at Indian Neck in Branford. Then we went to Agway to get Bindi a new halter, since the clasp on her other one broke. My bad. The North Shore Animal Shelter van was there, adopting out pets. All the workers were women. Big surprise. Somebody had bumper stickers on their car which read, "My Pit Bull is Smarter than your President." And "Let the Oil Companies Send Their Own Troops." 'nough said. We got more treats, another tie out line for the campus, and some Nature's Miracle. Can't be without that magic liquid. Then we went to S & S for provisions and the Girl Scouts were there so we loaded up on cookies, mostly for others. Altho I just ate a whole box of Samoas. Yum. We stopped over at Annette's on the way home to visit Bravo but he was not in a social mood, so A and I just chatted for a while. We went with M & M last night to see the film "The Queen," which we all liked very much. It felt authentic and since I was very fond of Princess Diana, the story was of great interest to me. Helen Mirren was, of course, dynamite. James Cromwell was Prince Phillip.
Got an hour and a half massage with Dana on Friday afternoon. I fell asleep more quickly last night than I have in months. She's been going to Native American sweat lodge ceremonies. I remember doing one a hundred zillion years ago in my 20s. It was quite something. Wednesday Paisley Currah gave a good talk at Yale, and then I went out for Thai food with him and a few others. Paisley seems like a very kind person. He talked about recently moving in with his partner and her two daughters. I turned him on to Zoo Tycoon, and we talked about how someone needs to create more gender-neutral kids games. We all hate the Barbie site.
Does anyone know what the best glucosamine/chondroitin supplement is? One of my vets who used to be a pharmacist said that the people who make Cosequin, the supplement for animals and the one recommended for Bindi and Rob's dogs, makes a human version called Cosemin. The vet said that there is better testing on the stuff for the dogs, and he thinks the human version would be far superior to anything out there already. So Rob got me some at Costco today, but it's way expensive. I'll try it first while I get more info.