Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Give me typical, gimme some typical

Enjoyed watching "House" last night. Am so annoyed when it is preempted by American Idol. What a bunch of crap. Had a client this morning who is going to do a "duathlon." I said, "What's that?" She said, "Running, biking, running." Who knew? Took Bindi to the dog park, and she got freaked out when three big dogs came in, Kramer, Wally, and Sister, and came right up to her and checked her out. They didn't hurt her or anything, I think Bindi was just surprised and caught off guard. She kind of hid under the park bench for a while, and then ventured out after a while to play, but her heart wasn't in it. There were several small children there, too, including a little girl named Knox. She liked it when Bindi kissed her. I asked her mom where the name Knox came from, and the mom said it was her mother's and grandmother's names. They were from Louisiana. Said it was probably a last name at one point.

Made plans to go see the AndFam on April 18, using my frequent flier miles. Will be there for Tobi-wan's birthday, and I-cat's concert

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slugmom said...

Yay for your trip plans!

Hm, I could maybe do a monothon. Walking. Well, I like bike riding, too. I could walk and bike. I don't much like running. Too bouncy.

I'd like to walk and/or bike to the Nature Center on the new trail. It's 3 miles, I think, 4 from our house. Ramble ramble.