Sunday, March 11, 2007


I was taking recycling out to the garage, and this guy drives up the driveway, someone I did not recognize. Turns out he wanted to know if the house was for rent or sale. I said no. We got to talking and, long story short, he might be a good contact if I have to leave here in August/Sept. He kind of buys and sells houses, does rennovation, has a couple of apartments in Madison, and knows the Leetes family. I said that something might change at the end of the summer, and he said to call him. We might be able to work something out, he said. He seemed affable, liked Bindi, and I had no reason to mistrust him. I recognized his name from the caller i.d. from a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm, I think the universe is taking care of me.
Ok, ok, so I'm a little concerned about Bindi Irwin. Saw her on a repeat of Larry King last night, with her mum, and she seemed very scripted, overly polite, and kept talking about how much she liked show business. She said she felt "at home" on the stage, and very confident. Her mom kept silent the whole time she was talking, and has assured us that this is Bindi's choice, and since she was put in front of a camera literally since the day she was born, it's no surprise she is such a ham, like her dad. She said there were no animals she was afraid of, but liked crocs and snakes the best. I will continue to follow her career/life. I wonder what she'll be like in ten years.
BindiPup and I just got out of the shower. What a good doggie. Doesn't mind the shower at all, but isn't overly thrilled with it either. But she's gotta smell good for the trip. Our flight isn't until tomorrow morning at 11am, so I don't have to get up super early. Those days are gone.
Tulips are coming up, and the dianthus leaves are greening up. Snow drops are in bloom, and I'll be able to plant cold weather crops when I get back. It was warmish and sunny today, but I was inside the whole time cleaning and semi packing.
Had an okay time at the NHLGCC fundraiser last night, the Dorothy Awards. One honoree gave a very moving speech, the meal was not bad, and we had a good group at the table: Rob, Robert, Jim, Tony, Nick, Emma, Rachel, Frances, and Jolisa. Still I was ready to leave after two hours. My two hour limit for socializing.
Ok, bloggers, I'll blog ya in a week. Peace, out.

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kim said...

have a wonderful, sunny, restful trip! We'll miss your blogging!

Thank you for Mogh's poem.

love you