Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Pig, 4704-05

Happy New Year, everyone. Today, Annette and I went to Fired Up!, the paint your own pottery shoppe, and she glazed a small plate, and I a big mug. I was having a bad backache so I was glad A. finished quickly, and so did I. She had never done this activity, and was eager to try it. I wanted to paint a picture frame, but they didn't have any.

Yesterday was Marian's birthday, 17, and we had a nice dinner for her, just the three of us. I stayed up late trying to figure out the iTunes website, and today finally figured out how to download songs. My first download was "Vincent," by Don McLean, and my second was "A Case of You," by Joni Mitchell. Still the undercurrent of meloncholia persists. I went to pick up the WGSS banner that was being made by a graphics/editing shoppe in Guilford, and when I complained to the woman that I had a backache, she told this long story of going to a chiropractor for months for a bad back, with no relief. She finally was diagnosed with high cholesterol and told to lose weight. She cut out starches and desserts, and began some stretching exercises, and lost 36 lbs. Her backache went away. Yet again another reminder that my being out of shape is killing me.


kim said...

I have read several great recommendations for Pain Free ... hope you feel better soon.

It's a melancholy time of year, I think. At least, February is usually one of my "downest" months. I need the spring flowers in April.

Erin said...

My friend Rachel also hates February. Her theory is that it's the shortest month because it's the most depressing. If it was any longer, most people wouldn't be able to stand it.