Monday, February 05, 2007

Winter Blues

Googling images of "winter blues" produced many great results.
Go check this one out in its larger form.
Stunning. Fractals. Fractions. Fragments. Fragile Fragged. Not even a word, but descriptive all the same.

Lack of light. Lack of motivation. Fear of loss, losing, those lost. Maybe the generic Effexor isn't as good. Can't be PMS. Although Rachel has that. Maybe I caught it from her. Yesterday, when we and Frances went to get the dog's nails cut, then to see the o-so-fine "Pursuit of Happyness," with Will Smith and his son Jaden. Then to the grocery store. On Saturday I had to travel back into New Haven to get Bindi's eye medicine (it's getting better) which I left in the office, then for a not-so-good haircut cause my usual person wasn't on that day, then to the farm market to get soup and bread and salad and flowers for Daniel and Sarah who just had twins a couple of months ago, then to see them in their killer gorgeous antique house, then to Hartford to have dinner with Bette, whom I see way too seldom.

Trying to put some photos in albums after all these years, liking to do it with other around more than alone, time travelling with each picture, sending dupes to friends. Peter was here from London for a week; stayed in the New Haven Hotel with it's indoor pool and huge stainless steel warm therapy tub (used to be part of the medical center before it became a hotel). He's one of the sanest people I know.

Went on a search for tea cozies for Mihaela; finally had to order off Ebay, which had some nice ones. None of these New England shops carry the things. Love giving gifts that people mention off handedly that they want, then finding them, then the presentation.

More has happened. It all seems to blur into the same meloncholic whole, tho.

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kim said...

that's a pretty fractal. I like fractals, my dad has always been into the math behind them.

My sister has a neat winter-blue pic on her flickr account - frost on her window pre-dawn: Kelly's Frost Pic