Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bindi!

Today is Bindi's second birthday. She got to eat twice as many treats as usual, and Rachel (who took the nice pic) and I took her to the dog park. The humans ate chocolate covered cherries to celebrate.

My friend Scott in Florida is recovering from a motorcycle accident. He was on his Vespa when a car plowed sideways into him. Fortunately, they were both going slowly, so even though Scott was thrown across the car's hood and into the windshied, he managed to escape with only torn ligaments in his legs. Which is bad enough. He was certainly being protected. When his mother got to the scene, she picked up what she thought was a piece of his bike, but which actually was the guardian angel charm she had given him to carry on the bike. His angel was clearly on duty. He's on crutches for eight weeks, and was getting very bored, so I sent him a paint by number kit.

Last weekend Margaret had guests over for dinner on Friday night, and more guests on Saturday afternoon, which was much fun. We got a tour from Louis of the woodworking shoppe near the house, which was extremely fascinating. We had many fires in the fireplace, since the weather was cold and rainy. May have another dog playmate in the neighborhood, if the weather will ever cooperate.

My friend Rob who lives in the Hague called yesterday. He teaches piano lessons there, and is becoming quite successful with the business. In fact, one of his students who moved from the Hague back to her home in Tanzania sent him a round trip ticket so that he can go to Tanzania and give her lessons there! Imagine! I was so envious. He had also recently been on vacation to Basel, Switzerland, where I visited a few years ago. A beautiful place, esp. the old town.

Saw my endocrinologist last week. I'm still not officially diabetic, but my insulin production is high, which is bad. But at least I am still producing it. Losing weight is the cure. Aaarrgghh.

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Happy Birthday Bindi!