Monday, February 26, 2007

A Case of the Mondays

Bought this little guy on sale at S&S for a little friend for Chinese New Year. You push the button and it sings "My Girl," while moving side to side and flapping its mouth up and down. I thought it was hysterical. When I gave it as a gift, the little friend threw it on the floor and jumped back. She hated it. "I don't like the eyes," she said. So I'll take it into the office and entertain my warped adult friends. I felt a bit rejected that my gift was received with such distain, but I got over it. I still think it's a hoot. Or, rather, an oink.

I had a busy weekend and was exhaustede this morning, so did not go into the office. I woke at seven to see a beautiful snowfall, the first really of the season. Got up finally at noon to walk the dog and some of the snow had already melted but it was still lovely. I could tell Bindi wanted off the leash to go scampering thru it, but I could not let her. Watched a couple of movies, slept some more, checked my email, talked on the phone, and that was about it.

Yesterday morning I saw Dana for a massage, and I think that was part of my tiredness today. Sometimes getting massage releases toxins from the body and that can cause some fatigue. I hadn't had a massage in a few months it seems, so made another appt. for this Friday, for an hour and a half this time. Picked up Mihaela and Tommaso in New Haven and after some confusion, we came out to Guilford to celebrate T. passing his oral exams. He had been wanting to see my house, and I always like to share this lovely home with others. Rachel and Frances came out later, and we ate yummy deli food, built a big fire, and played jacks. Rachel and I were pretty good, and M and T and F got better the more they practiced. I remember playing jacks as a kid with a golf ball on the cement sidewalks. I had a hard time finding those old fashioned heavy jacks, but did, online, at the Vermont Country Store, and they are very nice. The little balls kind of suck, but M had given me some for Bindi that will be just perfect. A good time was had by all.

On Saturday, I went to the Stony Creek Library, did some shopping, and came back to the house where I went thru the box of papers mentioned previously. So all weekend I didn't really get the many hours of solitude/alone time that I seem to need. On Wednesday, I went to R.J. Julia and heard Natalie read from her book "Inheritance." It was a small group, but engaged, and it was so fine to see N. and Paolo, and to finally meet Natalie's parents, who will be renting a house in Stony Creek this summer for the month of July.

I have not gotten permission from Paolo and Tommaso, both native Italians, to go to Italy and avoid the big cities. What a relief.


Erin said...

The pig is hilarious! It reminds me of something that Rachel and I would laugh at for hours. This year I got her a stuffed singing Chihuahua that sings Feliz Navidad and moves its mouth. It's simultaneously the most hideous and hilarious thing I've seen in quite a while. Don't you just love stuff like that?

Tommaso said...

I am so in love with Bindi!!!!

Dale said...

"Porker the Singing Pig"
That's great and weird at the same time.

kim said...

pig sounds funny. don't take it personally that it was rejected, my children are funny about the way things look/move sometimes. I think watching inanimate objects move can be unsettling to children. And sometimes adults. :-)