Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rachel sent me this link. Like homeless humans or abused and neglected children, here's another species that needs help. When growing up in East Peoria, Illinois, we lived next to the Cripes, who had a dog named Nipper, a dirty white cocker spaniel I believe, who was chained to her outside dog house all the time. I think we had some inkling that there was something wrong with that, but then on the other side of our house lived the Browns with a black dog named Nigger, and we kids were clueless to that insult for years. Which was worse?

Little Bindi lives a life of luxury, although I wish I could just let her roam around the house and not worry about her damaging anything. She is very comfortable in her crate, but I'd like to not have to put her in there so often. She's getting over some eye irritation that made the whites of her right eye very very red, so off to the vet for some ointment, and to have her anal glands emptied. She was doing that scoot across the floor motion, and my friend David suggested that she might need that emptying procedure done. Doesn't hurt, and like everything else, she was very good at allowing it to be done. Ok, is that TMI? Here's something fun: my friend Mihaela is totally into beading right now and made Bindi a very pretty red necklace. I know, I know, but Mihaela wanted to do it!

Have put the breaks on my winter blues by booking a flight to Fort Myers, FL, for five days over spring break. Going to see my friend Scott who lives in Naples and is recovering from a motocycle accident. Found a cheap fare for midweek, but that will be quickly added to with a hotel bill, rental car, and air fare for the dog, if I decide to take her. At least the flight is non-stop from Hartford. Can't stay with Scott as he lives with his family right now, but am looking forward to those marvelous white Naples beaches. Wonder if the water will be warm enough to swim in mid-March.

Had lunch with Dick from the garden, who is now working at Yale. He often wonders what he's doing in New Haven, and would like to move back to California. Know the feeling. Birthday lunch for David on Friday. Indian food. Yum.

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kim said...

hey, I used to work in a ferret lab, and they have anal glands, too ~ they produce a stink worse than a skunk! Ugh, that wasn't one of my favorite parts of working there, LOL!

Ahhh, visiting sunny Florida would be nice. I need to plan a trip down that way ~ someday ~ I'd like my children to see palm trees and all that exciting stuff. But boy, it sure is cold and gray in Michigan!