Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Otto and Ferdinand

I think I want an iPhone.

Went to the community garden yesterday afternoon to work on my plot, which has been out of control from lack of tending. I weeded and weeded and planted for four hours and was spent afterwards. But I had some wonderful connections and conversations with several gardeners who were also about. LS was telling me about all her health problems, and she said she had two knee replacements two years ago. I asked who her surgeon was and she said McCallum, the doc who does the knee surgeries with the guy I'm currently seeing for my knees. LS said she hated him, that he appeared unconcerned, didn't visit her in the hospital, and did the operation with a physician's associate, rather than another surgeon, and that one of her knees is still in pain. That cemented my feeling that I need to find someone else and get a second opinion. She also said the artificial knees put into her were too big for her body, as the joints "made for women," whatever that means (all women are the same size? all men are the same size? NOT!) were not available when she had the operation. Met up with TD, whose wife had passed away in January, which I had not known. He's a very kind man, and we talked about our shared belief that living, among other things, is about service and creating beauty. He was surprised that I have been single for so long, because, he said, I'm such a nice person. I said I have high expectations. We both laughed. PA was there with her two dogs, Otto and Ferdinand, and Bindi got to romp with them for a while. Very fun to watch them. Have to take Bindi back to the vet on Thursday as her eye is still not looking good. Vet left me a voice message in response to my message to her saying that the cloudiness in Bind's eye might have an ulcerated cornea. I can't afford that! Does anyone have any experience with pet insurance? Do purebreds have fewer medical problems than mutts? I hope it's just a persistent eye irritation that needs more aggressive treatment, not anything worse. Sweet little girl.

My office building is overrun by movie production crews and equipment. Thursday is the big day. Someone said Harrison Ford was in the building today. I feel like I'm supposed to be all excited and impressed, and yes some of it is interesting, but I can't get all worked up. Have bigger fish to fry.

The Prospect house is still in top running place, although I will be looking at an apartment near Westville this week. Rachel said, "But you don't want to live in New Haven, do you?" It's a first floor, and I would have people over my head, which would be horrible because I'm so noise sensitive, but she said it doesn't hurt to see what's out there. Living in New Haven would save me lots on gas, and I could take the city bus to work sometimes, and save parking charges, but the city bus is gross, and many of the people who ride it depress me.

Got a very sweet card from Scott yesterday. Thanks, Scott.

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dale said...

You should get an iPhone. Then you can show it to me when next I visit.