Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fisher & Paykel

Got a new Fisher & Paykel clothes washer today. The other one died and the difficulty of getting to the old one would be money better spent on getting a new one. Super energy efficient.

White GWL15 Ecosmart 3.7 cu.ft.(IEC)White

North Americas Most Energy Efficient Top Load Washer uses only 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. Complete the laundry in up to half the time of a frontloader, 1000rpm spin saves up to 30% time and energy in the dryer. This Super Capacity washer with unique brushless DC motor and smart electronics increases reliability with no belts, brakes, pulleys, clutches or gearboxes - parts that aren't there can't fail.

Unlike conventional machines, our clothes washers use intelligence to continually adapt the wash action and water level to suit the load. How? Sensors in the electronics monitor clothes movement and adjust the agitator for either a gentle or lively action. It's rather like hand washing, where your hands communicate the feel of the fabric to the brain, which in turn tells the hands how hard or soft to rub the clothes.

And we got this good deal on it since it was last year's floor model.

I think I have Syndrome X.


jip said...

that looks cool. where'd you get it?

kim said...

syndrome x?

Someday I plan to get a high efficiency, large capacity washer & dryer. Only my old one just won't quit. Which is good, except for the wit for a bigger, better one.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you think you have Syndrome X? I looked it up, had never heard of it, but it sounds really serious. Did the doctor said that was a possibility?

Fingers crossed and big hugs!