Sunday, June 24, 2007

Perfect Guilford Day

Yesterday morning Frances and I went to Dudley Farm for the farmer's market, to see the sheep, goats, chickens, and oxen. Got handmade soap, candle, and jam for Tommaso's parents. Frances and I then went to the pool and swam for a while, after a quick stop at Subway for lunch. Then we stopped by All Pet's Club to visit the critters. I held a hairless rat, saw a perfectly round hamster, black and white, named Oreo, held a stinky ferret, then we played with Keeshound and Pug puppies. The Keeshound was a little shy, but that Pug was totally full of personality. Back home to meet Frances, made dinner, then off to the pool again for an astounding show of fireworks. Really quite impressive because we were so close to where they were being launched. Some of them felt like they were coming right at us. Frances fell asleep before they were over.

Friday afternoon I picked her up from school and she wanted to go to Fired Up! to paint some pottery. She chose two small rice bowls and made one for herself and one for her mom. I just watched and helped another little girl with her project, as I am now watching every penny. There was a man there with a ten week old Vizsla puppy that was gorgeous. Then we went to Shell Beach Road beach and Frances climbed on the rocks and looked for shells, and Bindi went into the water by herself for the first time. She was hopping like a bunny thru the shore grass, and came home smelling of low tide, rotten seaweed, and crab carcasses.

Went and visited Annette across the street this morning. We hadn't visited in quite a while. Then Rob came over and helped me install air conditioners. Then Bindi and I went for a playdate with Maddie, but Bindi was not into playing with her. I wonder if she has forgotten that Maddie was her buddy because it's been so long since we have visited. That was disappointing. Had dinner with Maddie's mom and her son, then came home.

Got an email this weekend from an old friend I hadn't heard from in maybe a decade. That was very nice.

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool about Dudley Farm! I'm wondering where the name comes from, especially since Adam is originally from Dudley, in the Midlands of good ol' England!

missing you,