Saturday, June 30, 2007


Cut a large bunch of lavender blossoms from the Edgerton garden herb plot, and they are drying on the fireplace mantel. Reminded me of the impressive lavender farms on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. Last night was so cool, weeding the garden was a pleasure. PA was in the garden and offered me her tons of lettuce as she is off to Equador for a month. (I was just flipped off by a silver haired old lady with a 'Honk If You Love Jesus' on the bumper of her car. That's the tune they were just playing on Car Talk which I am streaming as I write.) BG was at the garden with her min pin Chiquita, and while initially Bindi growled at her, she settled down and now we have a play date planned for next week. I had just come from a short visit with Loren who was in New Haven helping a friend move. We were eating pizza at Amato's and quickly sharing updates. I like her so much. She graduated in Women's Studies a couple of years ago, and is one of the students whom I have stayed in touch with, one of the perks of the job. She is doing Teach for America in NYC, and has an article coming out in Radical Teacher, a very old periodical from the 1960's, which I think is very cool.

Before that Bindi and I were at a playdate with Jen and her black lab Gaia, as they will be hosting Bindi while I am in Italy (two weeks to go!). The last two days while I am away they will be kenneled, an experience Bindi has never had, but as long as she can be with Gaia I think she will be ok. Jen has a commitment in Cape Cod those days, has used this kennel, so I trust her judgement.

Got a haircut earlier in the day, and although I like the woman who cuts my hair, she is expensive and I think I have to change to someone less pricey. Boo hoo. Also visited the orthotic guy who says I need to get different shoes for my custom inserts, that the ones I'm using don't offer enough support. Uck. More money. But I liked him better than the other guy who originally made the inserts. Bad bedside manner. Had breakfast at Hidden Kitchen, who have the best blueberry pancakes. Hadn't been there in ages. Began the day by seeing a counseling client.

Today I'm going to a potluck party in Guilford hosted by a woman whom I first met when I put my housing ad on Craig's list. She has a basement two rooms available for rent, RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF A LAKE. But I can't do the stairs to the kitchen/bathroom, and the basement rooms, while very nice, have only one small window. The price is perfect for me, but I can't do it. Ho hum.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me that I really loved that last day, when we went into the garden and you showed me around! And the people seemed so nice, and I'm so glad we went, since I can now relate to the stories you're telling!

And have loads and loads and loads of fun in Italy! (I'm off to England in 3 days, and after the recent events in London and Glasgow, I'm a little bit worried, but one can't worry about that sort of thing all the time!)

and hugs,

P.S. And good luck with Bindiloo's eye, I hope it gets better! Big hugs and massages for her too!