Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rome Pride

Photo of Tommaso in Rome at a Pride march. Someone caught him with a somber expression.

Hung out with T. where she is house sitting at her brother's house in Bethany. It was lovely. They have a pool, the day was warm, T. and I chatted about everything, ate guacomole with carrots and tomatoes, and fresh strawberries from Bishop's. And a big golden retriever for Bindi to play with. Then I drove out to the house in Prospect to check it out again. Such a nice house and land, but -- Prospect? I will keep it as a backup rental if nothing comes thru on the shore.

The Jackal Woman, Patricia Moehlman, stopped by to drop off some papers for her reappointment as a research affiliate with the WGSS program. She is so awesome. Just had back surgery last week and is going back to Tanzania in another week to continue her field work. Would that I had a fraction of her energy.

Went to see a cottage for rent on Long Hill Road this morning. Great location, tiny tiny place, stark, and king of ugly. Price was right, but no go.

Jim and I went to see "Waitress" last night. Uck. Not that good. Liked the relationship between the three waitresses and the names of the pies the main character made, but otherwise, uck. Then we went to Starbucks and I had decaf cappacino, which of all things wasn't hot enough. I took it back and the server gave me attitude, but made me a fresh cup "extra hot" as she called it. Jim is moving to Sacramento, CA, in September. Boo hoo.

Work party at Edgerton yesterday. As I am in charge of the herb garden, our group focused on that. Then J. took me out to the house he owns in Prospect.

Friday night Rob and I went to the diner, then to Ashley's for ice cream. Well, I didn't have ice cream as I had that for dinner at the diner, as I had already eaten.

I still feel awful.

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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, I hope you find a great place, and I know it's going to take a while, and it's understandable that you should be miserable, but i'm sure you'll do great after a little while, and find a wonderful new home for you, Bindiloo and the cats, I'm sure you will!

biiiiig hugs,