Saturday, April 14, 2007


Bindi and I were on the Guilford green this morning and met THE CUTEST pomeranian puppy named Boots, 11 weeks old. This web photo is the closest representation of what he looked like, but does not even begin to do justice to his CUTENESS. He was mostly black, with tan boots on his feet, the softest fluffiest fur, and so sweet and affectionate. If I ever get a sister or brother for Bindi, I think it will be a "pom."
I got up early and went to an estate sale. I only spent five bucks on a garden hoe, some closet organizing shelves, and a gift for a friend, but the experience was oddly moving. My guess is that the person or persons living there had passed away, because absolutely everything in the household was being sold. Not clothing, but everything else. This person/s had a full woodworking studio, tons of computer equipment, a huge set of chemistry glassware, books on gardening, cooking, wildlife, novels, wonderful framed contemporary art. Someone more creative than I could write a beautiful poem about all these people meandering and scrutinizing and picking over a lifetime of someone's posessions.

Had to go to CVS to get some baby aspirin for Bindle. She's been under the weather since her Lyme disease vaccine yesterday; lethargic, no appetite, probably sore. The vet told me to expect this. The vet also showed me how to EAG. 'Nuf said. Went to Foodworks and got soy sauce, brown rice, balsamic vinegar, face wash, organic chicken broth, and a button that says "Proud to be an American Against the War."
Stopped at Page Hardware and got a birthday present for Tobi-wan. Then went to Fleischman's and was able to find pants and a top that fit me. They do not carry plus sizes, but sometimes I am able to fit into XL's that they carry. I've gained back all the weight I lost when I was sick. Dr. Artemis told me to keep visualizing the things I want to change, be positive, get very clear about what I want. Some affirmations:
I see myself feeling light and full of vitality.
My knees are healing with every step I take.
The sweetness in fruits and berries satisfy me.
My body is a temple I want to honor.
I am patient with the changes I am making.
Moving my body is a joyful thing.
Loving my body is easy.

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kim said...

very cute puppy!

I have to go look up EAG now.