Friday, April 06, 2007

Yellow Clivia

This is what my yellow clivia looks like, all beautiful and bloomed out. They still sell for about $75 each, but they have certainly come down in price in the past five years.
I've been pointing it out to everyone who comes to the house since they might never see another.
Fun day today. Rachel came out to pick up Frances, and brought Mihaela and Adam with her. Adam wanted to see the ocean so we went to Hammonassett State Park with the dog. It was cold and windy, but the waves were dramatic and Bindi was in heaven. On the way back we stopped at R.J. Julia booksellers,, a great independent book shop with a cafe and cool gifts in Madison, the next town over. Came back to the house, stoked the fire, and served lunch of chicken pot pie, three cheese quiche, fresh asparagus, salad, brown rice, apple cider, and hot cross buns. Yum yum. Didn't make any of it, but went out early this morning to Bishop's, while Frances was watching cartoons, and got everything I needed. Everyone seemed pleased with the meal. After, Francie wanted to work on her school project which was to create something out of recycled materials. She wanted to make a tv out of a big cardboard box, but after conferring with her mom, it was decided to make a cat condo for Misty and Camilla, so they have a place to hide when Bindi harasses them. What they created was just delightful, covered with pix of dogs and cats and other catalog cutouts, complete with a transparent "sky light" made from a pie container.
After everyone left, Bindi and I went to Page's where I knew I could get some organic seeds for the garden. Got Ferry Morse organic green beans, swiss chard, and something else I can't remember right now. Then went to Foodworks and saw that they have another set of organic seeds, by Botanical Interests, I think. Yeah, that's it.

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Mihaela said...

Have I managed to send you some pics of the delightful cat house? Or you looking delighted? If I haven't, shame on me! Will do that soon, I promise!