Sunday, April 01, 2007


Bindi and I went off to the ABC Obedience School this morning for the monthly nail clipping extravaganza. I always enjoy seeing the other dogs, and today didn't disappoint. The SWEETEST little dachshund puppy named Peanut who was so gentle and pretty, with the softest fur. Peanut is short for Peanut Butter Cup, cause the top of her is chocolate colored and her underside the color of peanut butter. She also had a hyper sister named Destiny, a pug, with those horrible bulging eyes and smashed face that makes her have a snoring sound all the time. There was another dachshund named Tawny who had suffered a back injury and was paralyzed for a while. After going to the traditional vets for several weeks without results, her human took her to a chiropractor and after the first treatment Tawny was able to stand up! I love that story.

Bindi and I then went to Van Wilgen's garden center, bought some pansies, a new variety of morning glory, several tiny iron seahorses on deep discount, and a pack of romaine letter starts. They have beautiful things. Then to Stop & Shop for provisions, including the purchase of a citrus and sage all purpose natural cleaner made by Imus, where all profits go to foundations for kids with cancer. How could I pass that up?

Once back home, I hooked Bindi onto the tie out line, and got to work on a one sixth portion of my mandala garden. First I dug up the earth down to six inches, then mixed in some peet moss, pelletized lime, greensand, and organic seaweed compost. Then I planted the romanine starts, beet, coriander, and poppy seeds from last year, and black spanish radish seeds, the fruits off which my nutritionist says very verry good for us.

That little bit of gardening was exhausting and my arthritic joints were screaming. I came into the house and took a long nap. It's 11:30 now and I'm going back to sleep.

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Tommaso Gazzarri said...

I am sooo proud of your mandala garden!!!