Friday, April 13, 2007


Adam Hyde 2005, videotape
This is one of Adam's installations, made from videotape. I think it's extraordinary. Clean, three dimensional, contemporary, evocative. He is going back to England on Sunday; what a pleasure to meet him. I have commissioned him to do a small portrait of Bindi. I'm so glad he agreed.
Poor little Bindle. Took her to the vet today for some vaccination updates, and one has wiped her out, may be causing her some pain. I don't have any baby aspirin in the house but will get her some tomorrow. We went to the dog park today, and she ran around for a long time with Sophie, a Welsh terrier about her size. I had a nice chat with Sophie's person, Christine.
VERY busy at the Yale office today. Non-stop. So much is going on at this time of year, one event piled on top of another. I stopped at Van Wilgen's this morning and got some yellow sticky traps for David and I to control our fungus gnats on our houseplants. Ick.
Saw my naturopath this week, Dr. Artemis. I hadn't seen her in months 'cause Yale changed my health provider (Anthem to Aetna), and naturopaths weren't covered until I single handedly got that policy changed. Aetna made an "exception" for Yale, so that naturopaths could be covered. Anyway, it was great to see her; she is upbeat and positive, and full of loving energy. It's rare to find someone who has found their perfect calling; she has.


adam hyde said...

Thats so kind of you, it was very nice to meet you too, i had an amazing time in america, i got to be with mihaela in such cool places. Still cant get over the fact that im back in england (or that im alive after the plane!)

It is sad being back home, but its so good to know that mihaela has such good friends there.

And thanks so much for the visit to the sea:)

Tommaso Gazzarri said...

This is so COOL!