Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A painting by my friend Tommaso Gazzarri. I like it very much. I think I might try something similar but with blues, aquas, cobalts, turquoise.

Yesterday afternoon on the way to the Shoreline Soul gospel group rehearsal, I saw a wild fox on Moose Hill Road. As I drove by, she turned and looked at me, then walked into the woods. The sighting filled me with wonder.

As horrible as the shootings in Virginia are, I object to the media characterizing the event as the "worst massacre in US history," or some such. Perhaps OF THAT KIND. But not the worst shooting in the nation's history.


kim said...

how neat that you saw a wild fox!
a friend of mine recently saw a porcupine wandering across the road. It would be neat to be out in the country and see such things!

Mihaela said...

Wow, that's cool! He's got kind of a Jackson Pollock thing going on there:)! I'm wondering if working at the Yale Art Gallery has brought out that artistic impulse or is it that because he was artistic that he started working there? Just the good ol' question of the hen and the egg:)!

And I'm so happy you like Adam's work, I'll send you the painting he did of me, the one that got him his London exhibition (well, actually it's a group thing but he's the only one that matters to me so it is HIS:) - unfortunately, it didn't earn him the big prize but I still think it's a very big thing and so exciting!

So thanks for posting his work, you know his entire family and friends had a look at your blog, so it's now being read in England!

lots and lots of love
and hugs,
and for Bindiloo too!!! I miss you both!

tommaso Gazzarri said...

you girls are sooooo sweet!!! Although nobody can beat BINDI!!!