Saturday, April 07, 2007


Photo is of the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, rennovated.

M & M were here last night, and M and I were able to sit in front of the fire while she ate dinner and have a chat. Very rare, very nice.

Made myself go do some errands today, after an 11:00 am client. She is again getting into a relationship with someone who is not nice to her, and we talked about being attentive to the "red flags" when we are first getting to know someone, and loving ourselves enough to end the madness before we get badly hurt. Easier said than done, esp. when we come from families where love is so conflated with abuse. "Gee, that hurts. You must LOVE me!"

Put Bindi in the front seat, and drove to find Grove Gardens in Clinton, just to check it out. It's a garden center, which has been renamed "Pinks", and I found composted manure with organic humus on sale for $2 a bag. Good price. One of the staff there was taken with Bindi and said her mom had a dog named Bindi. Drove back and stopped at a couple of shops I'd never been in, which was fun. Came home and called James, the teenager who lives nearby who does yard work for Annette and Pat, and made an appointment for him to come over on Monday, which I now realize is not good cause I want to go hear Azizah al Hibri speak on Islamic feminism at Yale on that afternoon.

Oh, MM, the woman who owns the house on the lake whom I talked with about possibly moving there if I need to, called me today and offered me a ticket to go see Cherry Jones in "Doubt," at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven tomorrow. She was gonna take her mom, but mom turned her down. From the Shubert website: "Set against the backdrop of a Catholic school in 1964, DOUBT is the story of a strong-minded woman faced with a difficult decision. Should she voice concerns about one of her male colleagues...even if she's not entirely certain of the truth? The play examines the line between gossip and truth, discipline and compassion, certainty and doubt."

Interesting book title in the New York Times book review section: CONSUMED: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole, by Benjamin R. Barber. I already agree with it.

And finally, in a moment of shop therapy 'cause I've been feeling sad, I bought a Fuji S700 7MP Digital Camera with 10x Zoom and Fujinon Lens, complete with all the peripherals and a $100 coupon for Shutterfly for $249, free shipping. I guess I really need to read the aforementioned book.

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kim said...

Oooh a new camera! Fun!
Someday I want to get a digital SLR (are those the right letters, LOL) but first I'd have to learn how to use one.

That theater looks beautiful. The play sounds intense. Play? Now I can't remember if it was a play.

Do you know yet if you'll have to move? Or is it only a matter of time? We would like to come see you this late spring or early summer or mid summer ... LOL ~ I would guess since it's already spring that summer is more likely than late spring ...